Keep Up With This KARDASHIAN: “Pregnant KiKi” (a.k.a KIM KARDASHIAN) Had a Twitter Rant Today Promising To Blast Some People Once Her Site Is Up


In a thinly-veiled attempt to remind us all to remember that she dropped her big [baby #2] news the same day as “Caitlyn Jenner” ’s who, in turn, did all the Internet-breaking in ways over any she’s attempted; Kim Kardashian took to Twitter complaining about “being sick on all levels” and about being meannnnnn and preggers while feeling awesome about coming up with yet, another way to attention-whore her way through this next nine months with plans to do something with all this pinned up anger.



The reality star obviously had a tantrum when the reality check that Caitlyn (in all her new sexy, splendor and glory)




…stole the show and won the gold-by racking up a total of about 46 million views (blowing Kim’s big news in the wind about as quick as it came in).

In her rant, Kim (who’s already put us on notice that she’s about to hide behind an alter-ego called “Pregnant Kiki”) warns that when her website is up and running, she’s going to use her platform to do some live video streaming [quote] “so everytime someone talks sh/t I can blast the fuck outta them.” [unquote]

In the rant she makes mention she’s being accused of having a surrogate (which seems quite stupid at this point considering the fact that we alllll know she birthed her first born). As oxymoronic as it may seem that as vain as she is, it really would seem like she would get a surrogate, but she’s actually too stuck on herself to not give birth from her own body. So save it-all you surrogate shooters! I’m with Pregnant Kiki on that one! Kim has no reason to fake being pregnant, she has, can, and will carry her own baby thankyaverrrrmuch.

No faking here.


At any rate.

“Pregnant Kiki” also interjected: “People make up so much. Even people close who u think are legit. Truth time.”

Toward end-rant, Kim wanted to remind us all that she’s on Twitter’s speed dial as a person of importance (in case we forgot over this past day or so).

“Hahahaha. Twitter just contacted me to see if I’ve been hacked LOL”





People were pretty surprised to see Kim talk like this and actually didn’t believe it was her. Well, she’s tested the waters and gauged about how much attention she’s gonna draw for “Pregnant Kiki,”  so…hurry up and wait.


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