Pop Star KATY PERRY Poops On Us All – Reaches 90 Million Followers on Twitter

Katy Perry foar july 2014


It may not be hotter than that July day two years ago when Katy Perry reached 569,000,000 views on [her song] Roar, still, she’s poppin’ elsewhere

Baby you’re a firework.

Come on show ‘em what you’re worth.

Make’em go: “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

As you shoot across the sky, sky sky

…is quite the understatement and social media life imitating art as, pop star Katy Perry so totally sh|tted on us all for having reach a Twitter milestone: 90 million followers.


Bird shitting

They’re for sale, and it’s business to buy’em but earnest to earn’em. Either way, either way, I say-if you net the count, daily, or gross it in your bank account, then it’s worth bragging about. Katy does so… *blows the kazoo

Caught by surprise herself when the comfy nest of the Twitter offices celebrated it:


…the subliminally, subtly sarcastic, dry humor crooner Tweeted:

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