KATHERINE JACKSON Sued for $800,000

It’s one thing to add insult to injury.

It’s an altogether different thing to spit acquit [on] someone’s grave.

But as much as even I can play on words, I haven’t the words to find for a situation about someone who has to foot the bill [after both].
Although she lost the lawsuit after the five month fight, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos ruled on Monday, April 14 that as a result of her filing a suit on concert promoter AEG Live L.L.C [alleging they negligently hired the Dr. Conrad Murray who, as well all know, was the cause of her son: Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009 after receiving an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol, which Murray was routinely administering to Jackson as a sleep aid] matriarch Katherine Jackson is will now be ordered to pay them-AEG-more than $800,000 in legal expenses.

The trial ended this past October [2013] where the jury determined AEG was not negligent on hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of causing the King of Pop’s death as he was preparing for the comeback tour.

AEG sought to sue $1.2 million but Jackson’s camp claimed that only about 1/3 of that amount was justified. The ruling to sue Jackson [for the 800k] will be finalized upon AEG providing costs incurred for court filing fees, reporters, travel and other expenses. According to sources, although Katherine Jackson may appeal it after reviewing the finalized ruling, she agreed not to argue the judges ruling.

The promoters will be paid from the estate of Michael Jackson (which has earned millions since his death) and borne by Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three kids: Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Michael, who was notorious for getting loans on capital and rumored to be in grave debt while he lived, is now dead and gone but now-debt free. His estate has paid off all his debts and the remaining [“millions”] are left for schooling, the care of his three children and his mother how now has to subtract about 800k from those [millions].

With Dr. Murray out of jail after serving just five years for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson and now, being sued by the company in which the mother feels is responsible for even bringing Murray into Michael Jackson’s life; it must be heartbreaking three-times over for the attorneys of AEG (Marvin Putnam), who will indeed be getting monies for his client, for costs incurred (and could have very well remained deathly silent, but instead, only had this to say): “[the court did the right thing] by ordering Katherine Jackson to pay nearly $1 million spent in having to defend a matter that she should have never brought in the first place.”



Source: Anthony McCartney/Associated Press


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