KANYE’S Six Month Vow of Silence & Positive Behavior Crudely Interrupted – Allegedly Hits 18-Year Old Man

R.I.P To Kanye’s conscious effort in trying to keep his cool turned up?


So what had (allegedly) happened was……………………………………………………………………………..

Deep sigh.

Let me explain it like this:

If you’re a celebrity, who does NOT want to run into paparazzi (being photographed while dining out), the cardinal rule is this: Don’t go to “Mr. Chows” (a well-known restaurant that for many years, was known to be the spot where celebrities grab a bite to eat and papz hang out).

Over the years, to the papz, it became apparent that it was “okay” to snap pics at celebs while there, and papz know that although being snapped at Mr. Chow’s is not as valuable as a chase, or while out or in some compromising position; just like that budding journalist who goes out on location in the storming rain (to prove himself), beginner papz hang out at Mr. Chow’s (to prove themselves)…for practice.

So, think of “Kimye” (Kim and Kanye) as a walking delicacy—sorta like a Mr. Chow. Wherever they are, no matter the mystery location, hungry papz “find out” like a skip tracer to a bill, or a repo man to a car: it’s their job.

126453-original Well according to reports today—today, Kimye were headed to a furniture meeting for their new home.

126619-original The meeting was in a Beverly Hills building.

Somewhere in the vicinity, a young man was alleged to have been shouting derogs at the papz (who were obviously nearby sniffing for Kimye).

As Kim walked by, she reportedly told the young guy that he shouldn’t be using racial slurs like that. It is also alleged that he turned his attention towards her and began firing expletives by referring to her as “[an n-word] lover.” 

127199-original  That “terrified” Kim (says our sources).

Obviously Yeezus wasn’t too far. From there, it is alleged that he followed the guy into a chiropractor’s office and then punched him in the arm.

126888-original Police were then called.

I know you laugh at that visual. But remember when you were a kid playing “Frog?” it was a game where you and your other bored homie would take turns punching one another in the bicep or upper arm reallllllllllly hard–all so you could see the muscle bulge through the skin really quick.

Stupid, I know. 

And well, if you didn’t do it as kids-I’ll tell you…we did. And getting punched in the arm: HURTS.

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