KANYE Gets + Sells Out Of NIKE AIR YEEZY II RED OCTOBER’S in 11 Minutes!


Beem Yeezy   Yeezianity must really be working for Yeezy afterall.

yeezy  kanyehandsome  His vow of positivity and monk-like silence blessed him with + yielded something that he had gave HELL to about a few months ago-that since then, has made its way back to Kanye’s positive new life ………………………..and sold out.

Kanye  That’ right. It’s Nike.

nike  Big Big Swoosh came back around and just did it: It made nice with the reformed genius, and former Rap God and made + released + sold out of of the shoe already.


In classic Beyonce surprise album drop style, Nike dropped the shoe on February 9 (unannounced) and sold out in minutes.

The Nike Air Yeezy II that been delayed for quite some time and something’s that been discussed by Kanye for over the past year now finally came to foot-ition.

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The shoe was only announced via a post on Twitter via @nikestore and sold out in 11 minutes time from the initial announcement.

kanyewest  It was just this past November [2013] Kanye spoke out about his frustrations with Nike regarding the shoe’s release stating:

kanye2 “They try to act like people ain’t line up for the Yeezys. Nike CEO Mark Parker tried to son me. Yes-son me because I am the sun and I will shine bright. And when I don’t have as much money as a billionaire and when I don’t have the factories that, that dude has over there, what I do have is my voice. Ain’t no corporation that can take me away from my voice and I’m going to scream at the top of my motherfu(king mountain as loud as I want. Anything I want. Whenever I want. Is that crazy? So I’m going to make the announcement on Monday with the corporation that finally let me get an opportunity to create.” 

3-kanyewest304  Shortly thereafter, Kanye West announced that he had signed a deal with Adidas and in true two-faces Gemini style; apologized to Nike for his comments about the and he made about the company and Mark Parker [the CEO], citing: “I really feel honored to have had the chance to blow Yeezy [sneakers] up with Nike. I really appreciate everything they did for me. I’m not knocking them on the way out or burning no bridges. I apologize for my frustration earlier.”

KanyeWestAirYeezys  So here we are two months later with a released, un-marketed shoe that was announced on Twitter and sold 11 minutes later which goes to show that Kanye-Titter (in all his ranting infamy and glory turned humility) was right about one thing: People indeed WERE lined up for the Yeezys.

It’s been years since he referred to himself as Kanye-Titter, but having sold out an un-marketed shoe on Twitter, it’s only befitting that he very well could, and can safely refer to himself as KANYE-TWITTER.

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