KANYE Reportedly Hospitalized For ‘Erratic Behavior’ Just Days After Spewing On Stage At JAY Z & BEYONCE

Apparently, audio footage has been released confirming rumors that Kanye was hospitalized for a bit more than originally reported-the Hollywood norm: “exhaustion.”

I’d say a man who lost his mom, married, then made babies and waves full steam ahead with no time off to grieve would at some point, be exhausted.

Although we often joke about Kanye and his Gemini / dual natured ways, this is certainly turning out to be far from a joke.

This “exhaustion” is circulating and rumored that West may have been admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

Around 1:20 p.m. at the home of Kanye’s trainer Harley Pasternak yesterday, a call was placed from the residence.

Caller stated he was acting “erratically.”

As per TMZ, Kanye was handcuffed and hauled off by stretcher then taken to UCLA Medical Center where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Given his duly dually noted trail of outbursts that we’ve all come to expect and accept as being just apart of who he is, this moment may come as no surprise to his fans.

By way of Beyonce and at the expense and entertainment of the fans that came to see him, the most surprising outburst happened his past weekend.

Everybody was caught by surprise when Kanye set his rant-filled sights on the one closest to him: friend, business partner, former manager and right hand man Jay Z



Word got back to these Internet streets quickly. This behavior both perplexed and upset members of the rap community like Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg.

Following this weekend’s onstage rant and aftermath, Kanye decided to pull out of what is noted to be one of the highest ranking tours at this time-whether he knows it or not.

Weathering storms is Kanye’s first order of concern right now it seems.

Even before the emergency audio began circulating, the past 24 hours has been rather interesting in Kanye’s world.

If you follow our sister site: ToriSpilling.com, you saw late this morning-we dropped an article where it was noted Kanye turned his Instagram into a shrine of Margiela lookbooks. Here’s more on that here.


Interestingly, Kanye took

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