KANYE Goes On A ‘Ready-To-Wear’ Rant After Being Blasted By ICE T + Fashion Critic CATHY HORYN Slams Collection As “Drab” + What Could Be Done To Give KANYE’s Collection Some ‘Life’?

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Well respected hip hop artist, Final Level rocker, and actor Ice T has never been one to hold his tongue and here of late, the Ice T and Coco talk show host ripped at rapper and up and coming fashion designer Kanye West’s 2015 NYFW collection-referring to the digs as [quote] future slave gear [end quote].

Kanye NYFW 2015Having romped with the fair-weather fans of social media and [been] stomped and seared from pattern to template (starting with last year’s debut collection of Yeezy wear), Kanye steadfastly defies his critic’s odds: slamming his designs’ oddity.

Next day after [Ice T’s digital rip], Kanye (who, once upon a time was known for ranting online) did so but in an entirely different shape, form and—fashion.

Via a ready to wear brand of rant, Kanye proceeded to post [actually some avante-garde, artistic and eclectic shots of his digs on his models-if you look at a few of them closely] e.g. the oversized coats, the model’s skinny legs and big shoes and by contrast, the model’s large heads.

Have a look (and a better appreciation perhaps?). I’m not just “talking.” I’m an artist (sketch/sculpt/draw/paint) who as well (designs). I do have a keen eye for fashion and can see the “art” in the fashion in some of these (upcoming) ready to wear rant photos (as well as some of Kanye’s digs’ wearable appeal) i.e that oversized coat and definitely without question: his DOPE shoe line.


If you look closely, I think the only place Kanye went wrong was here bodysuits and spandex. Along with his dope shoes, he actually could have pulled the sweatshirts and coats off with a good jean, or even substituted the spandex for a thin (version) fabric AND TOO a thick/wooly version fabric of a loose, drawstring pant for men and women—cut such at the bottom that the pant takes on a fashionable hobo/fold.

He only messed up with the leotard and spandex. You just can’t cheapen out “New York Fashion Week” (NYFW) with an rampant amount of models in a cheap material like lycra and spandex worn AS outfits and UNDER dope cloaks, sweaters, shoes, sweatshirts and coats (and expect the eye not to be focused ON that cheapest attraction). As well, with those pant designs I just mentioned, he could have made a women’s shoe line version of his shoe line’s design (with a WEDGE-which is popular now), and that would have tore that runway UP!

His collection is NOT bad…he’s missing SO much from that feminine touch in his line (to have SO many female digs)…It’s like he/his designers felt spandex would take care of it all….that’s one of the problems.

As well, some of those oversized cloaks and coats for men could have been cut waist AND hip length for women with exaggerated belts (like karate style at the sleeves/belt/bodice) …so the WOMEN’s version of the

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