Kalamazoo Shooter Was An Uber Driver With A Clean Record And Married With Children #KalamazooShooting

So while I’m pulled over the other day eating lunch while talking to my friend on the phone and up-pulls this random man next to me (of all the empty parking spaces around me) and I pull-off. Boy do I feel justified and make no apologies (about having possibly dodged a bullet of some crazy, lunched out man), perhaps.

As if it wasn’t bizarre that unsuspecting people couldn’t wind down after a hard day’s work to simply have Mediterranean cuisine one evening without someone deciding to randomly make them gyro meat with a machete, here we are the following week with someone deciding that knife-fight would have nothing on the gun he brings.


Kalamazoo shooter3In Kalamazoo Michigan, a man by the name of Jason Brian Dalton, 45, took it upon himself to randomly kill 6 people in a shooting spree that first startedKalamazoo shooter around 6 p.m. Unfortunately, Cooper most probably got the chance to see himself on the real-time viral big screen (considering the fact that the spree continued into the night for about another 4 hours and he wasn’t caught until turned himself in the early morning hours today-February 21, 2016).

Reportedly, some of these victims got killed at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant and Kia car dealership. Three people are injured, two: critically.

The Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas released a statement saying the shootings appeared to be random. “This is the worst case scenario that any community can have.”

‘Worst case scenario’ being any (presumed) human being with two arms, two legs, two eyes and a human torso deciding to just one day simply come off the hip killing people in open, public places at random for no apparent reason and with no connection other than (literally) being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

While everyone was doing the best they could to piece together any rhyme, reason or motive as to why, new news was uncovered [that] this was not some backwoods drifter living in a makeshift shack an owned a gun.

This ‘crazed man,’ ‘zigadeeboo’ from Kalamazoo actually

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