JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT Performs Show-Stopping Lip-Sync of JANET JACKSON’s “Rhythm Nation” As Nation Could Certainly Use Some Rhythm and Sync


Competing against Stephan Merchant, two years ago, Joseph Gordon Levitt took to Jimmy Fallon and set the stage a new high with his lip sync rendition to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj songs.

Fast forward (and quite the timely choice right now-all things considered this week, alone): the Mizzou student threats, Japan, the Paris shootings, Syrian Refugees, and here of lately last night/today: Mali; the world and nation having at least a little bit of sync and rhythm is very necessary right now considering these domino-like massacres and travesties all in less than 7 whole days.

Well adding to his already long acting resume is an inner rockstar as you can see and as you’ll see next, JGL can certainly add “pro lip syncer” to his resume without question.

Spike TV channel was the place to be on Tuesday as, JGL took lip syncing to another level: performing in drag (complete-with the ponytail hanging out back through the cap); Janet Jackson‘s Rhythm Nation video where he didn’t miss a countdown or beat! (begin 2:04)


Earlier before this, Joseph went against actor Anthony Mackie lip syncing to McHammer’s “Too Legit To Quit” (begin 4:16)/for actual Hammer’s actual video for it).

At any rate, while JGL’s Janet ponytail was carrying on in the back of that cap, Hip Hop Artist LL Cool J and Mackie looked on in total awe and surprise at JGL’s show stopping lip syncing rendition of Rhythm Nation.



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