JOHN TRAVOLTA Makes Up For Last Years Awkwardly Momentous IDINA MENZEL / “AdeleDezeem” Faux Pas Only To Create a New One This Year: Kissing SCARLETT JOHANSSON

John and Idina

Last years Oscar’s were a liiiiiiiiiiitle awkward when John Travolta (despite all his intended tongue-twisting German/French splendor) introduced Idina Menzel.

Well somehow, (in his mind) “Idina Menzel” was some hot babe named: “Adele Dezeem” (accompanied by a French mixed with German accent).

Although our guy John Travolta meant fancy and well, it wasn’t quite right and didn’t go over too well. They ate him like a pack of wolves to a hyena for the rest of the night (online). Take a look at the awkward (fancy) moment from last year’s Oscars:



Well, we won’t hold it against him anymore because John made up for it at this year’s Oscars.

In what looks like one of his Grease I movie moments here-where he’s holding (Idina Menzel’s) looking as if he face about to belt out “You’re the One That I Want;” John made up for last years faux pas:



clap clap

All is fair in love and art right? I mean…language arts-righttttttt?

Great. Good. He’s forgiven.


Fast forward.


Check this out, though.

John (who just celebrated his birthday a few days ago) wouldn’t be the quirky, awkward Aquarius that he is without topping last year’s innocent faux pas with another even more awkward moment.

John Travolta Scarlett JohanssonNow, in his defense, let me say this.

Our girl (the beautiful Scarlett Johansson) killed the night in her green neckpiece and dress—I mean, the neckpiece accentuated the shoulders without drowning the neck and it draped such that enough skin was showing-chest area to keep it sexy and without clashing with her simple, yet, sexy and elegant dress…(ok..yeah..I was a little obsessed with the whole look—she was STUNNING and my personal best dressed for the night). I must say. I mean GOSH! That ensemble hugged her curves like I’ve rarely seen in formal—with a neckpiece. I mean. Oh. My. God. I LOVED that whole outfit!


Scarlett (married) was so gorgeous and John is married too. But she was soooooooooooooooooo hot that even if that were MY man, I’d be like: “Go ahead baby. I know you’re in heat. Go on and get it off your chest.  Whatever she will permit you to do in front of all these people and all these camera-have at it. This girl is kicking A$$ tonight!

Ok. Let me calm down now. She was hot…I can’t say it enough.

Well obviously, John must’ve thought so too, as, cameras caught up with him canoodling under Scarlett while she stood there with the most awkward looks on her face, Check it out:

Our friends over at Buzz Feed have a great captioning opportunity for you to caption this moment. Here’s mine:

My buzzfeed caption

Head over and caption yours!


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