Go on Girl: JLO Go Sees Ex – BEN AFFLECK’s – ‘GONE GIRL’


images (7)Now, in its second week and $26.8 million in ticket sales as of today, although the girl’s been gone from his life for quite awhile now, the movie Gone Girl must have made Ben Affleck’s ex and Gigli co-star JLo curious to see what this oral-sex scene is  it’s all about.





JLo peeped the blockbuster and twitpic’d her dancing feet up on her theater’s chair in a pair of Doc Martin’s-in preparation to examine the thriller based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, about a man whose wife (played by Rosamind Pike) goes missing.o-GONE-GIRL-TRAILER-facebook

Gone girlThere’s a mystery that’s surrounding this movie. To have an adult drama like this hold up so well for two weekends in a row is really unusual,” said box-office tracker Rentrak’s senior media analyst, Paul Dergarabedian.







Other movies’ numbers behind Gone Girl’s $26.8 million are as follows:

  • “Dracula Untold,” $23.4 million
  • “Alexander and the Terrible”

…all around the $19.1 million mark

  • “Annabelle,” $16.3 million
  • “The Judge,” $13.3 million
  • “The Equalizer,” $9.7 million
  • “Addicted,” $7.6 million
  • “The Maze Runner,” $7.5 million
  • “The Boxtrolls,” $6.6 million
  • “Meet the Mormons,” $2.9 million

The diversity of choices at theaters is making for robust post-summer ticket sales. We’re making up a lot of ground after a summer season that was down 15 percent,” said Dergarabedian.


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