JLO Releases Cover Art & Video Snippet For Second Single: “Booty”



Circle I mean: circa Nicki Minaj. Although courtesy of her, we had enough booty in our faces to make us not care if we saw another butt indefinitely; the original don dada of the booty: JLo stuck her head butt out to when she dropped her second single called “Booty” from her most recent album titled: JLo A.K.A. after releasing her first single: First Love

No, not in an effort to not be outdone by Nicki’s butt on her Anaconda cover art (which dropped in early August), JLos A.K.A album with the song “Booty” on it (song #10-ironically) dropped back in June. Obviously, with a song called “Booty,” what else could we expect for the cover art and the video………..other than: Booty.

Well, just to let us all know she was…back…the original don dada of big booty hit us all off with a snippet of her new single, and as well; did it for the Vine-in a post where she hashtagged “#bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #jlobooty #LOL #enjoy

Enjoy !

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