Stunting or What? Is This It For DRAYA & COWBOYS’ ORLANDO SCANDRICKs Scandal For the Final, Final Time? + What DRAYA’s Doing Right (And What DRAYA’s Doing Wrong)

draya-cornrows4Day by day this “Basketball Wives” star Draya v. Orlando Scandrick wrangle and circus is turning up to scandalous levels and to octaves only a judge could control as, Scandrick ended up putting a restraining order out on Draya Michele that he is getting ridiculed about to disrespectful levels.

This is the kind of thing (and ending) that occurs when from the start-everything Draya is humiliating him out for in public now (at ‘love’s’ end) she already thought about him at the beginning. She knew she had a plan and an ‘ideal” man then went for it-and executed her plan meticulously and turned herself from a notorious (so called “thot” with a few notches under her belt-other “ideals” that didn’t quite work with her plan) to a doting girlfriend and step mom who was all about family. Considering Scandrick is an NFL player who practically had to drag to consider engaging to lead to the alter, Draya officially earned her title of “[Basketball] Wife” (versus being scolded for bouncing around with several of them-never having been made “girlfriend” by none).


By contrast, Scandrick however (by observation) never seemed as equally interested in Draya as she tried to make this thing work with he and his sons and their blended families (her son included).



So just like Draya knew she felt he was corny, he knew (and she knew, too-I’m sure)………… what was that old popular book’s title?”: He’s Just Not That Into You.


Still, for the cameras (and obviously off camera) and many months and Sundays, despite Scandrick’s obvious, constant trepidation; things seemed to be moving right along.




Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing particularly “wrong” with working on a relationship with a man who is “corny” to you as time countless stories of countless women have shown and told that tough guys and bad boys haven’t always turned out to be husband material. So there’s nothing particularly wrong with a woman making it work with a guys she thinks is corny only IF he thought the world of her…and therein lay her problem: That “corny” dude just wasn’t that into her. In a case like that-it will never work.

Fast forward.

Moving along in mid-May, Scandrick was in the news for having gotten a $20 million dollar payday and 1-year extension with the Cowboys and ironically-he and Draya were publicly on the outs. Draya however was obviously still about the business of getting it right with Scandrick as, she was seen out one night in late May/early June (during this hiatus of she and Scandrick’ relationship), and 21 year-old NFL rookie Jameis Winston was seen trying to do the gentlemanly thing by opening her car door for her. She declined and insisted on doing it herself.

It was determined that she did not want to be splattered across the blogs looking as if she was with or being common and accommodating to any man (and it throw a monkey-wrench into getting her man back).

“I didn’t want him to open the door because I didn’t want people to think were involved with each other. We aren’t. We don’t know each other. We did not exchange numbers. Same club. Same Place. Sad thing is there’s so many people who want me to fail that they were going to make up a story if I didn’t’ let him the door or if I did. And no shade to him. I didn’t even think he was trying to be a gentleman I guess.”

Well obviously it worked as, mid to late June [2015] Draya got a ring. Although during his Fox Sports 1 appearance in January this year, he stated:DrayasRing

“I think we been together for almost two years, we have a great relationship. We’re really compatible and I really do enjoy spending time with her. I really appreciate her. I think that in due time all that stuff is going to take care of itself.” [sic]

Due time indeed take care of itself around June 18th or so as (according to Draya) Scandrick took Draya out to the place they had their first date and proposed to her there.


She told People magazine:

“He told me to dress casual and we ended up going to where we had our first date [at the Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks]. He was acting so weird and so nervous. When he walked up to the bar he tripped and fell over some chairs! I was thinking ‘What in the world is wrong with him?’ He got down on one knee and as soon as he started to talk I got nervous and couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically. I was laughing and crying at the same time.”


“I knew I was going to say yes to him whether he asked me now or four months ago. He’s the first man to make me want to be different and be mature.”


“I’m in no rush. It took a lot to get to this point, so I’m going to let him relax for a little while. I’m going to soak this time in and have fun! I’m technically not married so I don’t have to be boring just yet. I’m looking forward to being a really hot fiancée!”


Hmmm. Interesting.

Well here why:

On July 7 reports where surfacing that Scandrick called off the engagement as a poor decision, but then the real story behind Draya’s fairytale came to light via B. Scott

Yesterday, news broke that Orlando Scandrick has called off his engagement to Draya Michele and ended their relationship.

At first, we couldn’t figure out why Orlando would make such a public spectacle and embarrass someone he was JUST getting ready to marry — but, as it turns out, he never wanted to marry her anyway!

A well-connected little birdie told us that Draya faked the entire engagement and Orlando’s been trying to clean up the mess without making them both look crazy.

According to our source:

She bought the ring and her publicist planted the story. [Orlando] didn’t propose. He has been trying to sort it out and figure out how to get the fuck away from her for months! She wouldn’t leave his house and was acting [like a] squatter.

She used allll her coins on it. And promised that jeweler he would get media attention blah blah blah

That certainly would explain the sudden turn of events.

What we can’t figure out is why Draya would do such a thing in the first place! In the video below, Draya speaks about her ‘proposal’ and how it all went down — and something about her delivery seems a little suspect to us.

The next report came out that Scandrick indeed did propose to Draya but some elaborate storyline was drawn up b VH1 for apart of the show and Scandrick was alleged to go along with it.



Then it was reported she had to take the ring back and had been hiding her hand on her photos on Instagram.






As of July 14, a restraining order plus order to get Draya removed from Scandrick’s home was ordered. reported these nasty deets-further proving Draya may very well have been squatting at Scandrick’s home-refusing to move.

The relationship between Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick and his former fiancee Draya Michele has gone south in a hurry.

Scandrick revealed about a week ago that he has called off his engagement to the “Basketball Wives L.A.” star after just one month, referring to his decision to propose as a “poor decision.” Apparently there is much, much more to it than that.

Court documents that were obtained by TMZ show that Scandrick filed for a restraining order against Draya earlier this month, which the L.A. County Superior Court has granted. Scandrick claims he has been a victim of domestic violence since April 21, when Michele allegedly pepper-sprayed him and threw candles at him.

The details are pretty ugly:

Scandrick claims he suffered bodily injury in the alleged attack – and fears it could happen again. 

There’s more … on July 3rd, Scandrick says Draya got violent at 2 AM – throwing a porcelain jewelry holder and books at him … and threatening to “throw bleach in his eyes.”

Later that night, Scandrick says she grabbed his clothing and threw it in the bathtub and his swimming pool … ruining a bunch of his stuff.

Scandrick was granted a request to have Draya stay at least 100 yards away from him at all times. She also has to move out of the 28-year-old’s house.

Last year, Draya was forced to defend herself on social media after she was accused of being the reason that Scandrick failed a drug test and was suspended.


DEEP SIGH………………………………

I’ve never felt like an hour and a half of my life was taken away from me writing a blog-the way I felt writing about this circus.

Look, I get it.

Draya probably feels like she could finally lay down her past and be wisped away to greener pastures having found a “corny” rich dude to play her game of love and basketball for two whole years.

But in the end, that “corny” dude got the last laugh (which goes back to by original point): she liked him more than he liked her and he “just wasn’t that into her.” No plan of hers was going to work unless the corny dude liked her more-he had the most money plus less to lose and didn’t see the value in her past fronting for the gram and the Internet for publicity himself. That was her only value to him. All these dudes (rich, famous and even bum a$$ n&&as are synthetic narcissists and attention whore like that-going for what increases their worth and rep and serves their own agendas.

And yes (like Scandrick) they will spend two years of wasted time doing it.

Draya worked tooth and nail-posting PSA’s and First Lady like posts

…and all this ring-buying, VH1 show-tieing, and these other histrionics and theatrics to front for the ‘Gram for WHAT? A bunch of minions in an Instagram dugout screaming how badly they want your life and to eat the food you post or sit in a 3-D experience of places you plaster up?

Really? All that only for the court of law to step in and give up the G’s, the sex, lies and secrets anyway?

Caring about what these minions in an Instagram dugout think and say is running people in the ground.

Man…I’m not judging no one but I’m speaking that fugging TRUTH. These Instagram squares and trying to keep up with and prove you got that life you claim to be “about” is a brand new psychosis begging for an American Psychological Association DSM V entry.

What a tired life, state of mind and existence. That has to be exhausting! Geezel Peetes. Who envies that and wants a life and associations like that? What the?


As far as Draya (singularly) goes. She’s doing well for herself with her swimsuit line and still is apart of the Basketball Wives franchise-good for her.

At this point, no matter how maddening it is, or the need you feel to prove yourself, taking shots at the guy on IG simply for these hoodbooger IG sites’ entertainment to cure their boredom and pass time is hurting her as a personal brand and business woman first (especially considering who she desires to do business with: the Beyonce’s and such).

Draya’s gotta decide if she wants her own empire with business from the Beyonce’s or keep ruining her reputation playing circus with the Scandricks’-trying to be some ball player’s wife.

Furthermore, in the land of her lovelife, she’s back to the drawing board now: With the world knowing her “ideal” prospect didn’t work out and now, the next “ideal” [ball player] she gets her claws into has yet, another negative frame of reference by which to undervalue her by.

That how this cycle of being “about that life” and the ball bounces.


Basketball Wives’ Mehgan James has her own take on this:


…Whether it be The Big Great Publicity stunt or not, just speak the truth about the situation as you see it, because somewhere out there it’s relative, thought-provoking and eye-opening to somebody out there living the lie, lying to live (or lying for a living).

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