Is PAULA PATTON’s New Boo Rock-Pop Singer ZAK WATERS?



Robin Thicke has had one (literal) hell of a summer, and although it was riddled with reflection (his behavior during his “Blurred Lines” success), honesty (after having lost his wife because of-and then completing an entire rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Here My Dear”—an album of songs expressed wholly for the love of, and hopefully getting his wife back), and as well, by end-summer; riddled with confessions (of his state of being induced by being high on painkillers and other things that blurred his lines of self and reality)….still, Paula moved on.

“Cheating is not why we’re apart. We’re apart because we just couldn’t be together anymore…there’s a hundred different reasons…there isn’t just one, there’s a long list. I changed, and I got a little too selfish, too greedy, and too full of myself.”

Although Robin honestly admitted to factors other than cheating being contributing reasons why his wife Paula Patton‘s leaving (last February), still, his creativel and soul-bearing efforts never won her back.

After promoting her last project through last May, Patton sort of went M.I.A from the Hollywood scene until one appearance-late August-and from there, she disappeared again.

Last week however, reportedly, after 9 years of wedded bliss + the blurred lines of the 1 year during his most successful album in all his 12 years of making music and despite the 4 year-old bundle of joy (Julian) that had come from it; Paula officially filed for divorce-yes, citing, yes, that dreaded Hollywood norm: “irreconcilable differences.” Patton officially confirmed her official date of separation was February 21, 2014, and is seeking joint and legal custody of their son Julian……………and has since-moved on.

download (1)No one had seen her for quite some time, and now (since the divorce filing), word on the street is that she is and has been dating another singer who goes by the name of Zak Waters and the two have been boo’d up for a while now.

zakwaters_Zak Waters is a rock-pop singer who remade the Ginuine song “Pony” (as shown above in the OSF big screen).












Since Paula’s divorce filing, Zak posted (allegedly, from Paula’s new humble abode) this pic and captioned it: “My New View.”

paulas home


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