Is 50 Cent’s 18 Year-Old Son Marquise Team Money Mayweather?


I know, I know. It seems straight out of the movie South Central, where, with just a little time away, your little boy growing into a man can easily be taken right from underneath your nose by the enemy

*snaps fingers*

…just like that.

download (9)Well, you may (or may not) know about the strained relationship rapper 50 Cent has long had with his son Marquise who, if you remember as the start of his career; was seen in the rapper’s videos and photo ops countless times.

download (11)Marquise is now an 18 year-old, college-bound man and a lot of changed since then, and too, much has been in the news regarding the mother of the Marquise and 50’s relationship dynamic having gone less than friendly during his rise to fame-with reports of her (allegedly) even fraternizing with the enemy: Rick Ross.

This time around, we learn that 50s son Marquise is now chums with his friend turned enemy: boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

As you know from our reports, at whim, Mayweather is thrown jabs-a-plenty with everything ranging from taunting him about having his girl stolen—all the way down to questioning his intelligence and being able to even read so much as a page out of a Harry Potter book.

Well in case you hadn’t heard, 50 himself, may have been inspired by his [most probably having read] countless Harry Potter novels here lately, seeing as though he is now the proud father of a 2 year-old (with whom he just threw a lavish race-car themed birthday party for just a couple months ago).

images (13)We can’t fully say that 50s son’s newfound support of his one time friend [and now official]–or if it was forged because of it being reported that 50 neglected to show up to his 18 year-old son’s graduation this past May. But the fact of the matter is: the young man and his famous dad definitely are not cool. Read their texts. (For the record, it was also reported by 50 that he wasn’t even invited).

images (12)

At any rate.

With a caption that read: My lil bro @199viq (Marquise’s Instagram handle) came threw 2day & kicked it with me .. We stopped in the 50’s & checked my n%a@Meech_TheBoss out & cleared the racks out over@GetSetNYC then went threw Da 90’s 2 check @Bz718& Da #GSC BOYZ #BQE sh!t❗️ F%k all that negative sh!t this is #Family sh!t #LikeDis❗️

slowbucks ig post

…eyebrows began to raise when just last week, Marquise posted a photo with he and one of 50s other former enemies “Slowbucks” (a rising urban brand owner with whom 50 was under investigation for because of and alleged chain robbery ordered by 50-done at Summer Jam).

Since then, on his Facebook, Marquise posted a photo of himself with Mayweather with the caption that read: “With Tank And Floyd #TMT.”




download (12)

The usually outspoken 50 has been rather silent about all this, but hopefully all the guys will kiss and makeup. Perhaps this is Marquise’s way of being the liaison between olive branches? From the looks of Slowbucks’ caption, it doesn’t seem like he wants any trouble and well, according to Marquise (having posted a pic of himself looking the spitting image of his famous dad and even quoting a lyric out of one of his songs: “You know my style I’ll do anything to make you smile”):




…perhaps “smiling: is what he’s trying to make everyone do—including his dad—back at him? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see with 50.

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