Intravaginal Device BABYPOD – Like An iPod For The Unborn Fetus

Well. I’m thinking it could work.

When you see stuff like this, where, comedian Michael Jr. calmed his startled, newborn baby with the silence of an orchestra pit crescendo leader’s stick, you know that baby has heard his voice while in mommy’s tummy during the nine months she prepared to grace the world with her tiny little presence. Although they say babies can’t really see that well at birth, she seemed to see and hear through her eyes and fought to focus on her dad through the eye gel because she locked right in on the familiar voice, went from 60 to 0 and appeared to blush!



They say that a woman reading and talking to her seed, especially during the first trimester, nurtures the baby such that it picks up the moms voice (and makes the baby smarter).

Given the name “auditory fetal learning,” according to science, studies report that playing music to an unborn fetus aids in neural development and a fetus as new as 16 weeks can detect sound.

While that may be true, the fact of the matter is [that] a developing fetus is still behind an amniotic sac. and from the inside listening out; surely sound must come across slightly muzzled, you think?


*Yes ladies, I know our love and life boxes below make all kinds of beautiful music but obviously you know which side goes up the chute (and which side gets plugged in to the other music)

Well say no more because Babypod is here.

Babypod is an intravaginal device that will allow the baby to jam HD style and surround sound!

According to the makers, the babies react with tongue, body, and/or mouth movements at hearing the sound so clear and “near.”

Made of silicone, reportedly, Babypod is safe for mom and baby and plays music in “hushed tones.” On the market right now already, Babypod is hoping you scream with excitement at the mere $140 sticker price—(for possibly raising a classically trained sensitively musically inclined child, perhaps?)

Heyyyy. Assuming the decibel’ frequency has been tested, we’ve latched on to something nice for baby.



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