Inspired By a Popular Reality Show: An Upcoming Blog Regarding Men and “Bisexuality” – What You Need To Know About OSF and Its Writer Before We Drop The Blog/Excerpt

With subjects about human interest and lifestyles, I do NOT tiptoe around egos and such or write from behind buffers to ‘pad” my message (to be “safe” in order to avoid getting hated or come for). I write in my books like such (as mentioned in the first seven paragraphs); to empower, encourage, ennoble, or inform.Bisexual-Man-Bed-x400
That said, I am going to REOPEN that controversial gem (that I had to close a couple of years ago) because some people were just NOT ready for my kind of rawness. And back then, I didn’t have the major enough platform [I have now] with which to get my reasoning and plight out to the masses (in a way and at a level than a basic social media account).

I am going to warn you (man or woman), if you find yourself in some of this excerpt, please do not hate the messenger-I don not know your personal life and am not judging you. Again, I write empower, encourage, ennoble, or inform. I do not write to patronize (or judge) any particular group or person/s. So don’t feel judged (if something turns a mirror to you) or makes you think or rethink something you may be already comfortable in (and just never considered).


Please be advised that (when I write my nonfiction books like such) again, I write to empower, encourage, ennoble, or inform. Therefore, I am responsible for what I write, (not what you can and cannot handle).

Are we clear?


Lets get our pinky swear and thick skin on and I’ll be talking to yous (and posting it) shortly.


With love, Angie.


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