Inspired By a Popular Reality Show: An Upcoming Blog Regarding Men and “Bisexuality” – What You Need To Know About OSF and Its Writer Before We Drop The Blog/Excerpt

OSF’s ORIGINAL brand plan was to be (what we called) a “blogging mecca”: A blog super site where we were going accept submissions from anyone interested in extensive commentary about any lifestyle and entertainment subject as, my vision and goal was to have a blog site that (not only included my articles) but that of other’s (called “Star Bloggers) as well. humble beginnings

Although the plans changed (in that people only wanted to stop and stare rather than participate and do some real “networking”) the purpose was to get points of views from multiple people (not just mine). My vision (way back in mid to late 2013) was for Other Side of the Fame to be one big online blog mag. But in all my openness (at that time), during my naivete while soliciting, I quickly learned that people only “talked” of networking but only truly wanted to “network” if they saw opportunity in it such that they could delve right into something already “on,” poppin,’ and popular.

All these people (including the countless ‘writers’ surprisingly-and mind you, the invitation was extended to non writers too) ignored the opportunity.

But as an unknown writer, I would never ignored an opportunity to write a short article on a lifestyle/entertainment blog site that would circulate my name (especially being confident in my craft).

Me? I’m smart enough and ambitious enough (and even at the time of my early writing days) was confident enough in my work that I would have JUMPED at the opportunity to contribute to a site like such–(that again by the way…was asking for no more than the equivalent of my long posts like that of a Facebook post with the only rule being: spell names, brands, people, subjects, and places you write about correctly so they could be searched on the site. That’s it).


Fast forward.

The problem with some opportunists is that they miss out on opportunities (if they aren’t good strategists).

The solution (my solution/back up plan) was that I KNEW I could still run my site (alone) and execute my vision as planned and withOUT no one else’s pen and contribution (because I’ve NEVER had writer’s block and extremely well-versed in a wide variety of subjects in entertainment/lifestyle, sex, women/men/love and beyond).


Onward and upwards.

After eight months of an open door, I closed it tightly behind me. I’m a stickler for “beginning energies” and FIRSTS…whatever didn’t happened at startup/foundation, I don’t go back on. I keeps it moving and consider that to be divine intervention and something that was NOT supposed to happen.

That said, I put it all behind me and I kept writing (all by myself) until OSF grew, and spiraled into control.

Poppin’ and now popular.

Today, (in less than two years since the late 2013 startup) OSF is now one of the top/premier online blog sites with universal wide audience (+ your favorite celebs’ in attendance) and is up, out there beyond some of the vets that have been blogging 7-10 years already.

This was all still made possible via a one-woman army who executed that same vision having built the blog site on the same subject matters as the original 2013 vision and extended contributor invitation (without having to re-brand and scrap my: plan, game and site name).

How and Why?

Because I KNEW that at the start of OSF I refused to be stuck with and type-branded as a blog site specifically writing about celebs ONLY.

I KNEW that I wanted my site to be representative of a collective of all I am as a conversationalist (not just somebody interested in garnering celeb/fan presence to fit into their world. I’m too broadminded and broad-hearted for just “celeb blogging”).

That being the case, I wanted to build my site such that I could leave myself some wiggle room to be able to interject stuff that I too write books about. And if there is some subject matter in the entertainment/celeb world that could match it: viola! Perfect! That’s even better.

That reasoning gave birth to the name: “Other Side of the Fame.”

So…Long story short.

That’s a little backstory on OSF and why I (a writer on OSF) sometimes interject like I do.

This particular blog is just a forewarning (about me as a writer…over being a ‘blogger’):

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