Inspired By a Popular Reality Show: An Upcoming Blog Regarding Men and “Bisexuality” – What You Need To Know About OSF and Its Writer Before We Drop The Blog/Excerpt


Inspired by a particular back story of a particular television show’s cast of characters (regarding “bisexual” men and men who are okay with being gay in relationships with these men who aren’t and still hanging on to being “bisexual”); consider this blog post a segue to that major topic of discussion.

That topic/situation just so happens to be a VERY extensive chapter in my (yet to be published) book called: “Feel Like a Lady Dealing Like a Man: Tips & Secrets on Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men”

jealous-man-130412That (controversial) gem’s chapter #18 is (still tentatively called) “MEN & SEX: Missionary, Oral Sex, Doggy-Style, Anal-Sex (Man-Woman vs Man-Man), Aggressive Sex Sex, The “Bi-Sexual” Man & The Male Mind and Mentality

Although it is a book geared towards women, men as well, can find themselves in the of book “gems” where (no holds barred-ly) I cut no corners and drop diamonds of information for single ladies out here in the dating game and in a world of men.

In the book, I suggest for women-ways to maintain their souls and sanity without the bitterness and other pain collected during countless relationships, sexships, situationships, and [in the book what I call] “relation-shopping” that we find ourselves in if, and/or until (we’ve been asked) to say “I do.”

Before I delve into it (in another/upcoming blog about it), for now, I will introduce you to the Table of Contents and the Introduction (both of those snippets should give you a good idea about what the book is about and how to approach it).

Although I’ve generously opened up some chapters of the book (in 2012-2014, via my person/writing website); here too-at OSF-I’ve opened up a chapter or two (regarding a blog subject that too, I’d dropped a gem on from my book—about “misogyny).



For those that have been following me (as a writer) online for years (even before OSF launched November 2013), you know that

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