A Celebration of Other, OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME Famees That Made TIME MAGAZINE’s 2014 Most Influential List:

The birth of Other Side of the Fame was November 2013, so the above-listed faces (plus Beyonce) made our Time Mag CONGRATS list for this April 2014 (because they’ve been mentioned, featured, or written up here at Other Side of the Fame from November 2013-April 24, 2014). Five months in, and our blast and impact in this blog game is fierce. We are so looking forward to having an even more fierce list next April [2015].

Good luck !

Sidenote: Whether you make Time Mag’s “Most Influential” list or not, MAKE AN IMPACT (that’s the best and most operative word!)



“You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be in my-my-my-my-my-my show!”


Other Side of the Fame’s File/Tags: Jason Collins | Kerry Washington | Miley Cyrus | Pharrell Williams | President Barack Obama | Seth Meyers | Steve McQueen | Beyonce Source: Time Mag (click here for complete list of the 100)

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