If DONALD TRUMPs Gonna Try And Run This World, He Needs To Know How To Fly With Eagles

In case you didn’t know already, this is my selfie:



…as…I see and glee myself [to be] above and beyond worms in dirt and mere birds fcking pecking and clucking at me cryptic-negatively so I know a little bit about these things.




That said, the way I see it–if Donald Trump‘s gonna try and run the world, he’s gonna have to learn to fly like with eagles and that’s that on that!


It’s like I always say: Eagles are too busy soaring to be concerned with early birds, or worms in dirt.


Such wasn’t the case however when verbally hated (yet, secretly loved) presidential hopeful, and New York businessman (slash) right-wing viewed Donald Trump was paid a visit by the rare, big winged bird and national symbol.

Obviously while soaring high above the friendly skies and unconcerned with dirty worms, a Bald Eagle must’ve heard tell tales about

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