ICYMI: TYGA Drops Surprise Album- ‘So What’ Says VH1, Is PHARRELLs New Song “Freedom” Another Rip-Off? Oops Upside Your Head: “Uptown Funk” MARK RONSON Quietly Pays+ Credits THE GAP BAND


Following all this Blac Chyna v. Kylie v. Blac Chyna mess, as we all waited with baited breath on some new music from Tyga, without any buzz whatsoever, the rapper and accused cradle-robber stung us with a move pulled straight from the bark of the Queen Bey: He dropped an album without warning, notice, or promotion.

Well while were doing our part to share the news with his fans who may not have known or heard, music (slash) part-time time reality show channel VH1 kicked this realness:

They could give two sh/tz about Tyga dropping an album but only gave it a mention because Kylie told them about it. Ouch:



In advance however, Mr. Happy himself Pharrell Williams is gearing up to release his new song called “Freedom,” but of course, ever since the big lawsuit filed on he and Robin Thicke on behalf of The Marvin Gaye Estate, Pharrell can pretty much count on people scrutinizing and raking his music over the coals going forward-all thing considered.



Sure enough, he was already called on the new song which is scheduled to drop on Apple’s new music streaming service on June 30. Sources are claiming already, the the song which has only seen 15 second of fame as yet, is sounding like notes ripped straight from a song by SoHo called “Hot Music.”

You be the judge. Here Pharrell’s “Freedom” (the 2 days ago version):


…and well, here’s the 10 hours ago version-tweaked? (which sounds slightly different from the one from 2 days ago):


Now here’s SoHo’s “Hot Music”


Don’t know if the rumor mill made its way over to Pharrell as yet and he hopped back in the studio to do some last minute changes as a result, but he might just want to check in with Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (“Uptown Funk”). They handled sh/t the right way.

Little did anybody know, that major hit song ringing all in our heads all this year got seen and summoned by 80s group The Gap Band where (on May 2015) its lead singer: Uncle Charlie Wilson wanted to have a little talk about “Uptown Funk” sounding similar to their 80s hit “Oops Upside Your Head.”Bruno-Mars-and-Mark-Ronson-Officially-Credits-The-Gap-Band-on-Uptown-Funk-Credits-600x353

Well, there was no resistance (hence why when they heard, and they came…it went away nice and quiet)—after a cool share of the royalties and writing credits got its entry on the song (now-since May). All is quiet and cute now.

However, a producer/sound engineer Dave Stylus smelled quite the stench still looming from “Uptown Funk” as, he also discovered that some others may be able to collect too.

In addition to The Gap Band, he points out where “Uptown Funk” may have also robbed:

Roger Troutman feat. Zapp (“More Bounce to the Ounce”)

Trinidad James (“All Gold Everything”-which he mentions Mark Ronson got clearance on using Trini’s “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch” hook)

Michael Jackson (“Jam”)

Morris Day and the Time (“Jungle Love”)

Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five (“Rapper’s Delight”)

Check out the musicologist’s investigation for yourself:


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