Icon WILL SMITH Trolls His Son JADEN’s “Icon”

Once upon a time not long ago, Will Smith was rapping and ranting [about] Parents Just Don’t Understand.



Tuesday night however, the actor let it be known that parents do understand-as he acted as a stand in of sorts–trolling his son Jaden’s dope banger November 2017 released single “Icon.”



Obviously, having a dad that made his mark on the acting and rapping world and hits in the best of both, there is nothing that his Jaden Smith can do that his dad Will wouldn’t understand.

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A newbie on Instagram, Smith showed and proved just that:

Mimicking his son’s set and from his head down to his feet teeth, in classic comedian Will Smith style and keeping his lane as a parent (that obviously does understand), instead of sneakers like his son, Will opted for stepping out in slippers. LoL.


The hilarious spoof spiraled across the Internet but meanwhile on the other side of the world of music, Jaden’s debut studio album Syre spiked 100,000,000 Spotify streams-much to his understanding dad’s approval-noting: “It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!”

Understandably, he gets it from his “dad,” who too, made hits all the while his day job was acting while simply moonlighting as a rapper…just because he could. And did it well.

So dig at those dad slippers, but don’t sleep on Jaden’s dad. Dig this these:








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Author: Angela Sherice