I Bet You Think This Data’s About You: KIM KARDASHIAN Laughs At Herself in New T-Mobile SUPER BOWL Commercial


Kim Kardashian T Mobile


You’re so vain, I bet you think this data’s about you.
Don’t you?
Don’t you?
Don’t you?

Set to a solemn score playing as its background music, Kim Kardashian lets us in on her humorous side.

In a hilarious T-Mobile commercial (officially scheduled to be aired during Super Bowl), Kardashian takes a moment to laugh at her very own vanity in the commercial where its premise is [self-centered] around what a shame it is to lose gigs of unused cell phone data that could have very well been well-spent on all things Kim Kardashian like: Kim K T Mobile superbowl commercial

  • her makeup
  • her back end
  • her outfits  
  • her vacations
  • …her outfits

In case we do happen to get lost in Kim’s makeup, back end, outfit, and…(her) outfit; I’m guessing we are to assume that T-Mobile is offering a cell phone plan and service called “Data Stash.”

Data Stash that allows its customers to roll over (and keep) their unused data [up to one year].

Check it out for yourself atop the OSF big screen:

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