‘I AM LEGEND’ in Limbo: WILL SMITH Mobbed By Paris Crowd During Fashion Week

Well if you ever wondered whether or not the title of his movie was true for him or no, let this blog and video tape answer it for you.

He is [a] legend.

Yes, Will Smith can confirm: “I Am Legend” (for sure-in Paris) I’ll have you know.

FASHION-FRANCE-MEN-LANVIN  The legendary actor (slash) movie star is in Paris for Fashion Week, and while there, a video captured him stepping out onto the street to a mob of fans that swarmed to him like bees to honey—and with so much force that it nearly knocked him to the ground.

He was graceful about it all, even as the legend was pummeling downward.

With a calm and almost comedic grin, he merely urged everyone to relax while trying to make his way through the crowd.


Have at it: (click here)

View the gallery of pics of Will with Kendrick Lamar and Karlie Kloss at the festivities:



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