HSN’s President BILL BRAND Defends JESSICA SIMPSON’s Sobriety + Is It That Our Perception of Live v. Scripted or Still Life v. Video Startles Perception’s Reality?


It’s like he said, live television (versus scripted) is “a whole new ball game.”

Our perception changes when still life turns to real life-it’s inevitable.

Just like still life (pics) is an altogether thing from video, words v. voice etc.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the same things (when people meet me versus reading me). And definitely, I KNOW my quirkiness [or my sometimes introvert, other times extroversion] in person is a stark contrast from me writing and delivering a story (depending on the story). I’ve shocked aLOT of people so I can DEFINITELY see how somebody who you’ve seen in videos, on scripted television or interview snippets can come off aLOT different than watching them in their fullness and naturalness for over an hour.

Well obviously “Jessica Simpson” caught a lot of people by surprise but despite what seemed to be was Jessica a bit tipsy was actually unscripted, Jessica Simpson live (versus on video, interview or still life/pic).

Home Shopping Network’s president Bill Brand vehemently defended Jessica’s September 17 appearance on the show stating “ Of course she wasn’t drunk. She was a top-notch professional. She was ‘here,’ ” defended Brand.

“She was thrilled to be here. I can tell you our team loved working with her,” he told our friends at Entertainment Tonight.

Tap in to our friend Kevin Frazier to get the story:

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