How (and Why) ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷V̷e̷r̷d̷i̷c̷t̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷ What Bill Cosby and Nas Are Accused of Shocked Us All, Ironically, The Same Day

Philadelphia. The Home of the Liberty Bell, being rang by rapper Meek Mill at a 76ers versus Heat game just two days ago after being released from prison-was like trading places with Bill Cosby who is on his way to the Big House.


The heat was actually on in Philadelphia court-house where Cosby was found guilty as charged: Aggravated indecent assault/penetration with lack of consent, penetration while unconscious and penetration after administering an intoxicant.

Each charge carries a prison sentence of 10 years.

Shock waves were sent out a few years ago when the long-time, well-respected comedian and actor was accused of violating women against their being able to consent or contest the sexual acts Cosby is accused, and now found guilty, of. Notoriously known as “Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable”-the upstanding patriarch of the 80s hit television show The Cosby Show; this all comes as quite the surprise given his entire career he lead a squeeky-clean, respectable image championing morals, family and education.

In the eyes, hearts and lives of Cosby’s accusers, they all got justice and won.


OtherSideoftheFame covered the deets on this Cosby case extensively

Reportedly, Cosby yelled out in the courtroom-referring to the Montgomery County District attorney Kevin Steele [as an] “asshole” after his expressing concern for Cosby being a flight risk [and that he could] quite possibly be wisped away in his private plane. ‘I don’t have a private plane, asshole!’ [sic] Cosby yelled.

ABC News: Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Charges

This, case and the details behind it all, is sad all the way around. But (obviously-from the looks of things) a sigh of relief for the victims is being had, along with their self-respect and dignity being put back together again after being second-guessed for many months and Sundays.


Who knew that “(I Just Wanna) Get Along With You” singer Kelis had some putting [herself] back together again, to do, too.

News on rapper Nas (whose image has always been the antithesis of what was being spilled today) was the subject of another disappointing piece of news having made its rounds ‘round the news today.


Don’d as a conscious rapper whose long had the respect of all in the rap industry and fans, the fact that his ex-wife and child’s mother, Kelis, confessed to Hollywood Unlocked that Nas indeed took her heartbeat from her behind the locked and closed doors. No one knew. Reportedly, Kelis recalls having bruising all over her very own body as the Chris Brown, Rihanna saga had hit the news after she, too, got a bruising while cruising with Brown.

Despite her insistence for so long-wishing to work it out and keep private about it, Kelis stated it was that very incident (with Rihanna) that inspired her to make that move to end her four-year marriage to Nas in 2009.

The couple divorced in 2010 and are parents to an 8-year old son named Knight Jones.

This news about Nas caught us all off-guard.

“I’ve waited nine years to say anything. I have never talked about this man, ever. The amount of airing out that I could do, and I’ve chosen not to,” Kelis said. “Our kids will find out. They’re finding out now. I’ve never painted myself as a saint. Did he hit me? Mmhm. Did I hit him back? Mmhm.”

Author: Angela Sherice