‘Hollywood’ Writetress JACKIE COLLINS Dies At 77


On September 19, 2015, Hollywood writer Jackie Collins may have lost her fight with breast cancer but she as heavens won in life doing and being what she loved: a [quote] kick-ass writer![end quote].

If, every book, Tom Wolfe is the DonDada of all things elitism and posh, then Jackie Collins is the DonDiva of all things “Hollywood” (every book).

Having penned over 30 novels [filled with lascivious gossip and libidinous sex and sexuality] in her career, Collins seemed to have a handle on Tinseltown scandal.

Colins and First Novel 1968With a first novel (1968) titled “The World Is Full of Married Men,” banned in Australia and South Africa due to its brazen depiction of extramarital sex, it would go without saying that books to follow and in between [titled] “The Stud,” (1969) and “Rock Star” (1988) one can pretty much sum up what Collins’ writing m-o was all about!

“I never pretended to be a literary writer. I’m a school dropout.”

COdgsPGWcAAXTliAlthough (obviously) given the fiction disclaimer all us writers give: “any event, place, or person in the book is purely coincidental,” one couldn’t help but search the crevices of your brain and dig into the faculties of all entertainment/popular culture history you could gather to place real names of these ‘persons’ at these ‘events’ in these ‘places’ written by Jackie Collins. [Because] if anybody made you curious about who’s who, and who owned the stories she told, it was Jackie Collins! She seemed to be the beholder of all secrets in Hollywood!

“Fifteen-year-old girls still read my novels under the bedcovers with a flashlight. But it’s true that I published my first novel in 1968, when no one was writing about sex except Philip Roth.”

Jacqueline Jill Collins was born on October 4, 1937 in London and is the sister of popular, hot actress (who we just talked up a couple weeks ago) Joan Collins: most notorious for her role as Alexis Carrington in the popular, night time television drama series Dynasty.

A widow of Oscar Lerman (who died of cancer in 1992), Collins was married 27 years and since, was engaged to be married to Frank Calcagnini who unfortunately died of brain cancer in 1998.

“It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the death of our beautiful, dynamic and one of a kind mother, Jackie Collins, who died of breast cancer today,” the Collins family said. “She was a true inspiration, a trail blazer for women in fiction and a creative force. She will live on through her characters but we already miss her beyond words.”

Joan and Jackie Collins


Collins is survived by three daughters: Tracy, Rory, Tiffany and was a fan of the popular television show Nashville-looking forward to tonight’s Emmy Awards Nashville’s September 23, season return.

We’re sure they’ll shout Collins out for being a fan as Collins’ fans [and we fellow writer/fans] will miss her just the same.

 Respect and rest…

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