‘Hit Em Up Style’ Singer BLU CANTRELL Hospitalized After Being Found Ranting on Streets of Santa Monica



Blu Cantrell, famous for the 2001 hit Hit Em Up Style made quite the comeback…sort of.

After suffering from an episode of “NoLongerFamousAndHowToFuqAmIGonnaGetBackUpInTheGameWithAllThisFluffAndStuff-itis” kirking out in the streets of Santa Monica, Wednesday around 2 a.m., screaming that somebody was trying to kill her with a poisonous gas. Some concerned citizen (knowing nothing about “who she was” at that moment—or at one time, ever) called authorities to check the situation out.

Upon their arrival, whatever psychosis (or possibly drunken) episode she was having, she was coherent enough to pull the “do you know who I am?” card.

Obviously, like many reading this now, the authorities had no idea “who she was” however, the defunct diva humbly informed the cops she [indeed] was a “one hit wonder.”

Rather than getting arrested and taken to jail her for the public outburst, she was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

No word from her “camp” (stated our source) who attempted to reach a rep on Blu’s behalf-to no avail.

House of Hype Pre-Grammy PartyBlu Cantrell slid onto the scene in 2001 after experiencing a commonly sought or dreamt of experience for some dreaming of fame: Some stranger walking up and claiming you look like a model [or some famous occupation, person or thing].

images (15)Well, in her case, it did. She says a guy walked up to her says “you look like a singer” (not knowing she could indeed sing), but from there, the rest is history………….. (circa: 2001).

Although she never lead on to just who that singer was, around the time she had her hit, she was being compared to singer Faith Evans images (18)[and too, alleged to have been linked romantically to rapper Jay Z—before he was a married man].

Fast forward.

Unfortunately, we have the daunting task of reporting this ironic and unfortunate incident on Beyonce’s birthday.


download (10)For a time, it was rumored that Jay Z and Beyonce’s Blu [Ivy], was named after her.




Henceforth, although when approached by the authorities, she referred to herself as a “one hit wonder,” she did have albums as late as 2004 (and another in 2003), but it was if she came (and went) in 2001-period.

Now, life has changed and evolved with technology and such and the next time we hear-tale of anything about a Blu Cantrell, was not because of a “sighting,” not for new music, but at the birth of an alleged ex’s “Blu,” and now–this story.

Hopefully she’s well. We will keep you posted on what, if anything else there is to know.

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