The Political Modern Day Thelma and Louise: HILLARY CLINTON and MICHELLE OBAMA Hit The Campaign Trail Stronger, Together


You know you’ve arrived (or are arriving) when the voice of  Driving Miss Daisy Morgan Freeman is on board.

That’s certainly something presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can say-considering her campaign is being blessed with the Lean On Me actor’s notorious voice for her campaign.



What’s looking like the beginnings of a political Thelma and Louise campaign trail is being driven by two strong women who are indeed “Stronger Together.”


The president’s First Lady Michelle Obama taking the wheel with the former president’s First Lady Hillary Clinton in a concerted effort to drive assist in driving her all the way home for the good of the democracy and the American people-not necessarily about a “him” v. “her” or republicans vs. democrats:

“This is not about Republicans versus Democrats. None of that matters this time,” said the first lady to her supporters.

“No, no, no. This election is about something much bigger. It’s about who will shape our children and the country we lead.”

The pair held a rally in front of a crowd of approximately 11,000 people in Winston-Salem, NC where the First Lady made her support official: “This is truly an unprecedented election, and that’s why I’m out here.”

Well from now through November 8, we all can look forward to the pair out there and on the run for the duration of the race to the White House: to pick up, where democracy left off and Make America Great Again KEEP America great.

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Tap in below to watch their speeches at the rally in its entirety!

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