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With PLEASURE, for BUSINESS, I am here for the GENUINE, GOOD-SPIRITED folks in the digisphere who often pass time online but want to be enlightened, ennobled, informed or just entertained. 

Blogging, for me, was kismet I guess.

Through LITERATURE & ART (on TECHNOLOGY); I’m merely demonstrating and displaying on the web: exactly what I was doing, and being exactly who I was even before the MILLIONS engaged for hours at a time with my content on my sites-following my work, podcasts, books, blogs and before social media was bred, and you’re invited, too!  ♥

Alexa.com – leader in site metrics.

But let’s face it.

Blogging is tough. Aside from, or in addition to any particular (personal) niche, smart blogging largely contains MEDIA (news). Why? Because it’s  THEE fuel of the Internet and all of social media-IT’S  THE VERY THING THAT MAKES THE ‘MEDIA’ of SOCIAL MEDIA ‘SOCIAL.’ If it wasn’t, you’d be on Tinder and dating sites more than social media. Why do you think even social media posts news media in feeds? The truth and answer is always in your face. I’m not making that up.

Blogging is a science. And in order to stand out from the slush piles of the throes of it; you’ve gotta be multi-genre, popular culture savvy and well-versed. Also, you’ve GOTTA know your subjects and your sh|t. Period. Dot. That’s the ONLY way you can write a bomb a&& (memorable) article that stands out from all the same person or subject’s articles circulating. And having a (naturally fluid v. contrived) way with words is the cherry on top. Trust me on that.

In order to maintain and stay sane (especially if you want to make a real business of it) more than being excited by or caught up in the fact that celebrities know your name and wanting to be famous by way of blogging, you’ve gotta be strategic and about shrewd what, how, (and even who you blogafter you get build your weight wait-interest/anticipation-up).

Especially in the beginning, in blogging (news, entertainment), you are not exempt from accepting the fact that you will be handing out aLOT of free promotion. But when it comes to business, after you’ve proved your worth, you have to put your foot down and turn a deaf ear an a blind eye to the freebies-even when you want to. When you get your weight (portfolio) up + your wait (audience/readership) up every time you reach for that mouse to drop a line “is this necessary for the archive of my blog/news and info the world needs or should know or is this just free promotion benefiting only to whom this info belongs?” has to always ring in your head.

Why you blog is something you have to decide on before just jumping out there wasting your time-because blogging is extremely time-consuming EXTREMELY. Who and what you blog has to be intertwined in that why-which determines how (you blog).

As for why I blog? Poetry,  short stories , commentary, or blog, I love the written and spoken word and words spoken (via dialogue, conversation or monologue). I champion TRUE self-expression in any form (as longs as its relatively true)…

Fact: You will probably NEVER ‘get to know me’ on social media anymore than you should think you know anyone posting in a place where buttons, metrics are tools of rule in a place of the unspoken expectation of reciprocation or reward (vs. true, dialogue between people without the world looking on, brands seeking people and people seeking brands or fame). So either you know me personally (intimately in person) or by listening to my podcasts. For there, I don’t post pretentious pieces of pod under the guise of inspiring you while subtly pushing forth who and what I want you to think of me to be. Without knowing me (in-person/personally), in this digisphere, it is there and through writing and blogging, that’s the closest you can get to getting to know ‘me.’ So I appreciate that form of social in all social’s ‘media’ medium.

Pen, paint, putty or digital, I love to and have to express myself in any capacity invented. I love to not afraid to challenge status quo and thrive on the necessity of provoking thought, consideration (or reconsideration) of the trite and not-so-well thought out. OtherSideofhefame’s subtitle explains it all: Making Sense of Sensation While Plugging In & Putting The Spotlight On POPULAR CULTURE and Stuff in ENTERTAINMENT, about LIFE, and on STYLE!  

Writers and speakers like me are needed in this world right now overflowing with lightly treading and speaking for reciprocity and reward or fear of not getting rewarded. The world is not only stressed with the abyss of Trump, miscommunication, and negativity. The world is refusing to acknowledge that there is a lot of positive talk with actions that (unless rewarded or broadcasted) aren’t aligned with it-even more than the ‘negativity’ in it. And that (in and of itself) is negativity in the most dangerous form. It’s lopsided. We’ve become conditioned to talk a good game for gain. And even think that ‘positivity’ extends just as long as we can point it out or yell “positive vibes only.” It’s bigger than that.

Negativity And Where Most People Are Wrong About Where It Stops

That being the case, I feel there is a lane for people like me that (day by day) as the fuckery and bullshit is uncovered and the daily routine of it all (continues to) exhaust the masses in the audience of it (and even participants of it). More will become real-eyed and realized. And people like me will no longer be the well kept-secrets that (these same masses) are peeping as being the REAL MVP’s. People like me will no longer be the ones these masses are looking forward too, yet. peeking at and only whispering about versus working for and with.

I have an eye for what works and what doesn’t. I only build and build on + spend time on what works by observing what’s not working (or could be better). Are you paying attention? I’m working hard to replace  be the supplement  be the ‘meal replacement’ to Google: Where you can never replace eating meals with supplements for life, sometimes that supplement can replace that meal. Read site title and subtitle carefully. Check out all my info sites. Google is a powerhouse at everything else, but its (search engine) name is bigger and greater than its function. The mystery of the name, blank page and return a search result was their “Wiz

Image result for google imagein wizzing you like Facebook, Twitter and IG wiz is wizzing you with likes, visible metrics: without it, it’s TRULY “social media” (a place to just socialize with the world). Without those (additional) things, they can’t keep you enslaved to it and anxious because of it (therefore, hanging you by a emotional and mental thread by way of it). I’m merely de-wizzing it all. By turning a Google search engine inside out (and archiving/categorizing it rather than news descending into oblivion versus Google returning what IT wants you to have via their personal politics and metrics). That said, listen. I keeps it real. When I throw up a hashtag on social media and drop my words or content behind it-it’s because I TRULY feel what I feel about it. But that’s NOT going to be an ongoing thing. I don’t even promote mySELF and all the links on MY blogs and brands ongoing. So KNOW that if I do it because I love what you do, it’s ONLY because I have a little bit of time on my hands to demonstrate what value I am or could possibly be TO your brand, business or to YOU. But don’t get comfortable. I’m busy and got things to do (just LIKE you) but make myself accessible online and onsite to my readers, and to you.

I’m not where I want to be yet, so I work (and am working) more hours in the day than I am able to play around on social media all day trying to be impressive or even promoting my own work! I condition my readers to visit my sites so that is why (as per the “browse top sites” section) my Alexa.com engagement time is well over your favorite other site or bloggers site engagement time.

But where in the true understanding of REAL work and work ethic hell does it mean I’m mean or anti-social? Actually, (for the people who’ve said it), that means YOU’RE not genuine, and you only want reciprocity and reward by association with who’s seeing me or finding joy and productivity in subtweeting me (when I am there) because (this small group of ‘bloggers’ and their buddies) are mad that you cant be “me.” That’s all I get (and see): false positives, real negative and rampant pretentiousness. So usually I come with a hashtag and for a reason. One December day in 2017 I simply woke and woke up with the disinterest of posting random thoughts to people chasing gold and other people who only intently seek to purposely try and misunderstand you because they’re mad and simply refuse to find their own shine. Mean to you and work to try and discredit you and ruin your brand but want you to play with, work with and inspire them. WTF? But on the bright side and lighter note, the rest simply read, actively establish a rapport and respect it. Because if what you have to say or inquire about is real (and you respect my time and that I REALLY work), you won’t hold my ‘engaging’ to playing around online with you all day. You would simply post to me online, DM or on site-not strategize and criticize simply because I choose to fall back, do work and effortlessly put out and shine. Genuine people (who are genuine WITH people) are simply and nonstrategically genuine. Period. Dot.

Brands and businesses have been up and running and writers have been writing, known and publishing books long before social media and the games we play that now we sell our souls for in order to be a brand, run a business and become known. As I watch souls crushed and spirits dispirited while being participants of this daily play, I’m comfortably on a quest to prove that all those things can still be had without losing your self and soul to those processes. I’m only interested in promoting, premiering and playing with people who respect me and my work, my vision, and my route and my reasoning-not just because I’m very much apart of an endless soul-snatching game out here in the stratosphere.

A thespian, having understudied theology, I’m far from “religious,” but definitely spiritual. And if there was a visual I could give you, or explain, it’d be a feeling like some sort of a millennial Moses. 😂Yes, sometimes I feel hurt-but never pressured. Where the masses are chasing the golden statue and I’m simply about self-expression via self-preservation while empowering and enlightening people on the fact that, that that can be a thing; I realized I would be an outlier and anomaly in my quest. I knew I had to build brands that were NECESSARY (and ultimately) NEEDED above it all the fluff and stuff-and do so with skills and talents that could NOT be, duplicated, duped, or denied. Strategizing where in it they can gain (rather than simply and genuinely embracing); the same people [that] remain intensely attentive, would rather embrace their insecurities in the form of enmity, are always out here in these same media and online streets in dire need of my energy, input and literal outcome to even function. I’m no Aquarius  😭 but I’m ‘water bearing’ more than you know (aloud).

BUT anywho.

As for why I have this throwback of me in a formal gown posted right here? 😂

I’m just red carpet reppin’ …you know…to match the decor, background and title : OtherSideoftheFame. Heyyy :-)~

I’m so fancy.

Please to meet you!

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