Who in the Hell Is SARAH SNYDER?


Sue me. I can’t help it.

…But watching people do drugs is like porn to me.

I’m not here to write out how bad drugs are and the perils that follow because of addiction-I’d like to think that the age of the audience I write to already know this so with that said, I’m going to continue with this blog.

download (5)If you follow me and my posts, you already know this. But I have a fascination with watching people do drugs down through smoking a mere cigar   (or cigarette).

It’s just a sight to see-their mannerisms and physical anthropology is way too interesting to watch. When people smoke and do their drugs; their mannerisms and are typically so bad-a$$ that they take on this persona as if they are in total control of it all. The way that they do what they do: e.g. roll their marijuana, throw their heads back and put one dip in their brows to blow smoke-all that-it’s like they come off as if they can conquer the world and right here, right now: Everything is everything.

It’s amazing to observe.

Jaden and Sarah SnyderThe only “problem” with this however is that obviously this is a very young girl, and secondly—she’s Will and Jada‘s son (Jaden Smith)’s girlfriend Sarah Snyder…you know…the one who got caught a case for stealing the 16k Hermes bag and months later showed up to court with her Internet mugshot gone viral in front of the judge-yeah, her (the one with the rap sheet).

Tongues are wagging about these two because not only he Will and Jaden Smith’s son, but this girl just popped out of nowhere and has

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