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?     Why does he prefer sluts?  “further reading: “Why Hoes Are Winning” –an excerpt within Chapter 5 of my not yet published book titled “Feel Like a Lady Deal Like a Man.” Tap here to have at that excerpt  AND TOO you might want to see the Table of Contents and read the Introduction

?   ‘Grown-ish’ Missed An Opportunity To Get Real About Black Women’s Lives   I must say I was shocked by this too, and intentionally made it a point to watch a few eps to see what I was looking for would be found and (as of yet) have not found it. (TBC) I will elaborate, because this subject is very necessary.

? Omarosa: We’d be “begging for Trump back” if Mike Pence were president  It’s unfortunate that Omarosa’s reputation precedes her Omarosa’s reputation preceding her automatically gets anything she says discounted or left questionable, but this statement she made is one that I’ve actually heard from a prominent politician-he said those exact same words about Pence–WITH an extended, elaborate spiel to match.  That said, I’m not gonna question Omarosa on this one.

?  Entrepreneurs Don’t Have the Luxury of Avoiding Comparison  I  don’t subscribe to many quotes and sayings to be so one size fits all-and many people who do, almost always have zero understanding that they aren’t one size fits all. Twitter even makes this bad quality even worse because most quote marathons and people running away with seem to find comfort and security in that one size that (more importantly) disrupts your ability to think critically. And in life (and business) you HAVE to be a good critical thinker. I say this because I’ve seen that “comparison is the thief of joy” quote fly around social media for years. While that is true (if you allow it to be), but you allow it (comparison to be the thief of joy) two reasons:

  • You don’t TRULY ENjoy what it is you’re doing and the greater percentage of why you are doing it has everything to do with external validation rather than personal gratification

(and when that is the case)

  • from a business standpoint, you don’t understand the IMPORTANCE/difference in, OR know how to apply the core word of comparison: COMPASS. You HAVE TO measure your progress (not your SUCCESS, necessarily), but you HAVE to measure your progress against by comparison to your peers for answers to an average of where you should be (I’m gonna continue/move these short commentary piecess (where I mark: “TBC“) to mp3. and post them because I-be having more to say than my time to say what I want to say will allow.  So…with that being said…TBC but in it, know that I’m going to teach you HOW to use “comparison” CONSTRUCTIVELY without throwing yourself into fear  factors and creating enemies in your head of people who YOU made an enemy of (in your field or who could have been beneficial or to you)…all because you don’t know HOW to use “comparison” as a literal helpful tool .

?Facebook announces a big News Feed change — and just wants you to be happy

What this is (and means) for to the OSFMag brand: Image result for gif chess move king me

Apple is currently under pressure (by its investors) to find a way for force people (specifically the young and impressionable) to spend less time on their phones. Somewhere in this, I have a sneaky suspicion that Facebook is being nudged to follow suit (somehow). I know (with this negative abyss in the world’s air) there is pressure for (powerhouse) media outlets to tweek the narrative, social media platforms (that’s out here controlling minds, hearts, egos, and lives) tweek the feed and technology to find a way to suggest better and more constructive ways (and reasons) to be hooked on its product.

But no matter how these companies are trying to spin this (by conveying to the world that they are “trying” to improve the world’s quality of life, living and feeling), there are some fact that can’t be ignored (or make ANY of those efforts effective) and those things are this (which still, all falls back on Facebook and social media platforms, and Apple and technology) and it’s this thing here (which, I’ll tell you in advance, is going to still fall back on the platforms and, inadvertently as being the direct result of being the ‘tool:’ the product):  (TBC…so just hold your horses but it’s gotta be said)…

? Key Considerations When Choosing Your Startup’s First Workplace (TBC)

?Roseanne thinks she’d make a better president than Oprah      Ummmm okay Roseanne?

?Joe Scarborough wants GOP to force Trump into mental fitness ‘exam’    One upon a time, Trump questioned (and put on the table) Hillary Clinton’s physical fitness for office. He should very well understand and accept that he too, is not exempt from his mental fitness being called to the carpet. Hillary had one fainting spell, Trump has many kicks, screams, less than presidential (and manly) behavior and  sucka-attacks, and spells right on Twitter, daily. Just being honest. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it be careful what you demand of others, it just may be demanded of you.

?Oprah cannot save us from this political mess      Politics has already gone to sh|t with it still being questioned as to how Trump got in office along with the circus acts in politics as a whole over the past year. And with regard to how social media is [one of the] the foundations for popular culture popularity controlling minds, powering up companies (sponsorship), and full lives are being had from popularity over merit e.g infamous as ‘Donald Trump’ vs. famous as ‘Barack Obama; due to social media, even even infamy pulls numbers. That said, I don’t have a problem with Oprah ushering the next president into office via her popularity and celebrity. How can this be done? She can run for president with a qualified politician by her side as Vice President waiting in the wings for the presidency to be passed on to. Ghosting of sorts. Since we are still subscribing to that primitive “Electoral College” in the digital age, we sure as hell should be able to bring the digital age to the presidency (via popularity). I’m all for that.

BUT HERE’S THE FLIP SIDE (of taking big leaps solely from that): Be it the presidency, personal, professional or otherwise, you have to be careful about gauging social as that compass to buck and make big moves on because social media is “media.” And practically everybody on social media speaks, “supports” and praises based on reciprocity and notoriety, first. So with that being the case, counting on retweets, or social media numbers (which can be bought), can cost you a lot of money or a puncture to your ego when you make moves on those two things. Example: I’m a sincerity glutton and work off merit. I don’t “need” (or have to court and chase) hype to pump my work because I’m good at what I do. My works yells for itself. I don’t fall for hype nor do I build my brand from the kind of hype (that can’t be lived up to). I live up to my hype whispers. Ever heard “people will whisper your success but shout your failure?” Well my “hype” comes in whispers but I’m killing the blog game…don’t you EVER get it twisted. You see, unfortunately, many (digital age) pop-up, online brands, and in the online news and blog game; it’s cliquey, catty, and competitive because the masses are watching. To those acts are the games that the insecure and unsure play. I play with winners who are simply good, and genuinely good people. Outside of that, nobody wants to hype, advertise or support you unless:

  • it means something to them or
  • for them

I work with sincerity and off merit. My work is my “hype.” Hype can “sell” but only for so long. I can keep gerbils in a cage. Reaching, living vicariously through-all that. But after a while gerbils get smart. Then they’re exhausted, and realized. And then you have to sell hype to the next set. And then the cycle continues. So for that reason, I don’t sell (hype/mediocre/vague/intangible results) to brand. Social media is new. So by way of it, we are buying into hype (and will for a while). But when the benefits from buying into hype begin to crystalize and people become realized and we adapt to social media as simply being another way of life, substance and substantial will reign again (like in the world before social media). Out in the real world offline we are more conscious. We are hard core not buying the hype with our dollars and time. Online, we can be fooled *(see 3 paragraphs down as to why).

I’m a writer-a writer who wrote books and had a website long before social media. Writers simply worked in peace and sold books. Social media is a distraction for people (who really work). So it’s not because I’m bougy or think I’m better or mean, I expect that people who respect me and my work to respect that. Only the people who don’t have an agenda or pretense don’t and complain. The sincerity comes in, in that, I do have social media and am available. You step if you sincere. You gossip, suppose, create drama where there is none when you’re not. That simple. I move and make moves in silence. With ZERO help and cheerleading/support, I’m very busy working on my own designs and product lines for wholesale/retail business, run several popular digital businesses,  working on digital real estate to sell while working on projects I don’t even promote or announce. I do get my social media downtime in, but you won’t see me carrying on social media (all day) retweeting my praise (for my marketing/to make myself look good). So if you judge me on social media hoopla, you would think I (or my work) aint poppin,’ valued, in demand (and coveted). Don’t get it twisted.

Head over to Alexa and scroll down to “Browse Top Sites.” Type in the following 4 sites: this , this, this and this, (which is being migrated to this). Check out that “How engaged are visitors to …” Unlike social media knobs, Alexa is algorithm no website owner can ‘control’ pay for, or court to hype us. Alexa tells your website’s Internet’s analytics TRUTH about (the truth) about how people online are (truly) engaged with what the hell you are talking about or doing. We can control “how we look” on social media with all kinds of bells, whistles, posses and props; but Alexa tells the TRUTH. Now go type in the social media hype’s sites and see (the truth) about how engaged their social media hype men are with their content. And there you have the truth.

*Social media on the other hand, is a seen on site and keyword valuable platforms. People may very well be (or may pretend to be) in love with your work/you on social because there’s a mutual benefit [of being] seen by the masses. But how they REALLY fck with you your work is in the analytics OUTSIDE of social media. So leaping off social media hype is a big, “un-calculatable” risk that you really won’t know the results of until you’ve jumped already (or otherwise prepaid/paid/calculated in advance of leaping).

So how can Oprah for President win: Select a VP running mate (who to, stands a chance to win) and allow digital age politics to run its course along with politics as usual. I mean, IS there a law on the books that says somebody can’t run, select a VP and bow out (to let the VP take over)??

Oprah can usher a movement and change in politics by combing politics and popularity. I’m all for it! Trump switched traditional politics for the entire world and giving us all headaches. This new form of digital politics and popularity could work. If you accept Trump politics, you can accept Oprah’s influence. We trust (and she’s proven) that she’s trustworthy enough to pick somebody trustworthy, too.

After all, never forget Donald’s pick: ?


NEVER E V E R forget: Secretly, people judge you by what how you choose and judge. Be sure that representative or person you endorse, judge or choose can REALLY represent–and PROVE it. This guy may as well had said: “Well sir, I have 15 million followers. And I’m friends with and know “Such and Such.” Cause I sure as hell would’ve. ?

Hey, when I was a kid, my childhood friend was wailing on my ass so bad that, I yelled: “If you stop punching me, I’ll let go of your collar!” The only girl of all brothers, I never lived it down. But hey. She stopped punching me–and laughed.????

True story.


No matter who chooses or selects you, you eventually are going to have to show and prove. It’s ALWAYS going to Come. Back. To. That. Work. Or. Supply. In. Demand.

“Haters” gon’ hate. Players gon’ play. Social media is gon’ social media. Bbut America is still gon’ America. Work and representation. Represent that work or it should represent itself.

?Someone reported this teacher’s white supremacist activities — and got him  fired    Good. No one with hate / separatist-laden views should work in any educational institution. Institutional racism is very spirit-breaking and stressful. I’ve gone through that in college before-two times.

?Trump calls Steve Bannon ‘Sloppy Steve’ in a tweet   As mean a dig as that was, there are no lies there. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, those men (women) in politics be dressed in damn near 700-thred count suits multiplied by those long, sexy male-cloaks, perfectly stitched grass-fed cows good shoes, crisp shirts, tie clips, fresh haircuts and clean shaven at ALL TIMES. You can’t be out in these political streets out here scruffy, oily and unkept like Bannon is, though. Rich at that-that’s UNACCEPTABLE…by no uncertain terms or stretch of the imagination. No’ sir. And then to (allegedly) be considering a presidential run? No sir. No sir. Whether it be “Sloppy Steve” or anybody with (hateful and greedy) views like Trump, as well, you can’t be out here inspired by a sketchy and questionable presidential seat secured stolen for by Trump be your motivation for thinking that you, too, stand a chance on carrying that torch and gon’ run with it. Things may be laying low and quiet right now since that Doug Jones vs. Roy Moore seat defeat but the fact of the matter is: Doug Jones won. More people in Alabama got up off that a$$ and voted this time than even when Obama came through. That is a clearrrrrrrrr indicator that Trump (and anyone like him i.e., his views for a particular percentage of people rather than for the democracy of “the American people,” his shenanigans and static) is not going to slide through these leadership doors so easily.

People are TIRED. This electric energy in the air and plugged in to the lives of the people aren’t going to take the next election laying down. Nor will they sleep this time. Trump blew that dream for anyone else like him-his rogue way, obsession with the media and extras outside of simply being demonstrative rather than reactive. Selecting random and unqualified or unprofessional people in serious-business positions important to the country. Taking healthcare from millions of people and children all in an effort to spite a presidential predecessor and pad the pockets of the (super-duper) rich for “tax breaks” who very rarely do anything for anybody without a tax boomerang, benefit and pingback anyway. (But let me interject: the “super duper” rich owes it to no one to do anything but, like the saying goes, “eat, sleep–and pay taxes” (just like everyone else has to). And I can totally see being ‘super duper rich’ myself and feeling ‘punished’ to have to pay more percentage of taxes but if we think of it in ‘new money’ terms (like that lottery today): Yeah you may “win” $540 million” but you’re only taking home $350 million.” Earning or winning, everybody’s ‘punished.’ I know the difference in winning vs. earning are two different animals but government gon’ government like haters gon’ hate. Both are never ending. But if you’re gonna “gift” the wealthy, health is the lesser’s ‘wealth’-but you pull that too? That’s rogue (plus) wrong.

All that explained, don’t let Trump get you inspired. Doug Jones v. Roy Moore is just the beginning that voting precincts and politics is in for a FIGHT from now going forward.

Lastly, and back to the point: First rule of thumb (no pun): Yes, Trump was right. Tidy up. He only said what others around Bannon are thinking. If you can’t clean your self up (and you can afford it), nobody in politics, personal or otherwise is going to take you serious.

? TODAYShow’s Savannah Guthrie interviews “Fire and Fury” Author Michael Wolff

If you’re following this explosive piece of politics, then you know that (of course) the Trump camp is disputing every syllable of this book that  ‘should be the ticket to ride’–Trump right out the the White House, reportedly. Aside from all that, as you’ll see in the interview, in response to Trump’s declaring this guy never got a White House pass or so much as come close to him, this author says otherwise, so much to the extent as saying that Trump may not have known his talking with him was an interview, but it surely was.

In addition to the book bearing the title of Trump’s own words at Kim Jong Un-that North Korea would be met with [quote “Fire and Fury“[ end quote], the OTHER irony in this: This guy TOTALLY looks like Mike Myers in Austin Powers “The Spy Who Shagged Me,” and well…he shagged the sh|t out of Trump with this one. ?

P.S. I’ve ALWAYS been tickled by Madonna twerkin’ on Austin Power’s neck… She is a MESS! LoL

?Spotify sued for $1.6 billion over Tom Petty, Steely Dan music copyrights   |  Wixen’s $1.6 Billion Spotify Lawsuit: What You Need to Know   Spotify’s massive $1.6 billion lawsuit reveals how it must adapt if it wants to survive   |  Tom Petty, Neil Young Publisher Sues Spotify for $1.6 Billion 

Once upon a time not long ago, (in 2011, before Apple gained the traction that it has today, Amazon took over like it does today)

I wrote up (in extensive detail) a way the ONLY way (established and/or SERIOUS) artists, actors and writers was going to be able to beat Internet technology without enslaved to companies and the powers that be—while being able to maintain the level of star status they worked for and have total control over their work from being “tarantula-ized” like such through the lose and never ending ends to technology.

As ambitious (and costly) as the invention is, it is the only way to beat the Amazon‘s, the Apple’s, the Spotify’s and streaming services and such.

You see, the industries (movies, books, music media)…instead of coming together and consolidating and building its own IntRAnet (by which to distribute its media), failed in the business department when social media intertwined with the Internet.

Via the IntRAnet, I was proposing, fans of books, music, and movies would have had to sign up on this Intranet to gain access to personal email accounts with unlimited storage and by way of this, they would have access to a library of all their media from anywhere at any time but by way of this Intranet. To be able to contain the media and its distribution was the ONLY way the industry could have won the Internet.

But the industry took off running and seeing social media as a “free market” of sorts…in that access to their audience was right at their fingertips when little did [the industry know] not taking care of the business of the consolidation and movies, books and music (INDUSTRY WIDE), that “free market” turned on the industry—as did millions upon billions dollars and works stolen was made possible to be stolen away with.

The door was wide open. When (via the Internet) social media forced celebrities to have to get down here with their fans who (now have COUNTLESS options) to access their works AND become stars themselves when technology leveled the playing field–putting them at the mercy of their fans in more ways than one, like never before.

I saw this whole thing happening longgggg before entertaining the thought of it being so was considered. Now, the industry is lost in the sauce on this and these companies basically came through a wide open door and made people’s works a free market.

Without consolidation and making sure music, book, and music media was sold from 1 technology (that its artists could be a community on like social media) and oversee (with its fans coming on to it;) it became too much to keep up with, and keep and eye on. They handed the lure of their ‘starpower’ over to Twitter. Their media over to Facebook, streaming companies, and the Amazon’s and such. Everything that (once upon a time) was mysteriously sacred, contained, revered and up-up- and away, is now scattered, stretched, common and commonplace.

From a BUSINESS standpoint—to be able to beat Internet technologies channels of distribution-consolidation and containment was necessary. And the industries failed itself and the artists. The Amazon’s, Apple’s, Spotify’s and such only took what was hanging out there and handed right over to them made available to them.

At any rate, you can check out part of that technology invention draft here. 

Broken down by books, movies and music, it contained a COMPLETE step by step breakdown of how to commandeer and take over-own the platform and have the fans, the customers and Internet come to it, versus it being scattered about and(now) at the mercy of the Amazon‘s  Spotify‘s, iTunes and the fans. AND the importance of understanding the difference between an industry vs. an organization and how the Internet and tech gurus were much to big a power for the industry to survive its power–without organizing.

Prince tried to tell the industry a lonnngg time ago before these companies got traction. NOBODY paid attention and he was alone in that fight. The industry was out here too busy chasing their fans and playing around on tech gurus turf when the fans (and the world) should have been on a worldwide industry platform’s timeline, buying their music, movie and books there, and having a library account there owned by the industry. Everybody in the media are scrapping, backbiting and scared and fighting scarcity because it’s not organized.

Prince was busy making sure his fans and these tech gurus didn’t get him.

The industry was suppose to consolidate and play like Prince. RIP.

?The first time I realized I was black   (TBC)

?Library of Congress admits defeat, accepts the futility of trying to archive all of Twitter (TBC)

?Police kill a man at his home while responding to a fake call    /  Swatting case poses legal challenges for police and prosecutors   (TBC)

?Trans and non-binary fitness trainers are building tiny empires — on Instagram (TBC)

?Passengers on Chrissy Teigen’s ‘flight to nowhere’ get $265 apology   (TBC)

?Meghan Markle’s half-sister slams Prince Harry’s claim the royals are the family she ‘never had’  (TBC)

?Towering Penis Painting In New York Made People Uncomfortable, So It’s Gone  (TBC)

?Massive penis artist says she got screwed (TBC)

?Woman accused of destroying Warhol paintings worth $500000 each during first date with Houston lawyer (TBC)

?Analysis: Why Trump isn’t getting credit he wants (TBC)

?App lets you shop while you drive (TBC)

?The track phenom who chose college over riches (TBC)


?‘Cash Me Outside’ girl gives mom a $65000 Christmas present  Rewarding bad behavior for simply going viral for disrespect turned entertainment-what kind of message does this send? (TBC) Reference:

That remix though: GENIUS. Fcking. Genius. Can’t be denied. ? I’m straight dabbing in my living room to it. I’m guilty. Sue me.?

But, back to my point:

Again, TBC


?LaVar starting league for players who skip college Depending on who you ask, this is a good (or bad thing). So-good or bad-what we’ll be talking about is WHY, either way. (TBC)

?Jessica Chastain Admits Appearing in All-White Actress Photo Shoot Is ‘A Sad Look’  Why diversity in Hollywood is not a right, but too, is wrong. Plus, what the shoulda-woulda-coulda of it all, is (TBC)

?Princess Michael sorry for wearing controversial brooch to palace lunch  Was this a racially insensitive oversight or a subtly, deliberate act of intimidation?  (TBC)

?WH denies report that Trump said Haitian immigrants ‘all have AIDS’In the interest of “Frame of ReferenceS:”  When your reputation precedes you. Why it’s believable that this kind of thing would indeed have come of of the mouth of Trump (TBC)

?LaVar starting league for players who skip college Depending on who you ask, this is a good (or bad thing). So-good or bad-what we’ll be talking about is WHY, either way. (TBC)

?This man walked 11,000 miles across America to raise awareness for homelessness   …and here I though Vanessa Carlton was doing something. I SO used to love that song…I was going through a weird moment in time with me-love. *Tinman tears

?Former MLB star says he had sex between innings …I totally have to make time for more podcast discussions and too, (considering this reveal), at least a 1 minute snippet of my reveal x the look on my face after reading that headline. For now, though, I’m going to let my girl Chloe Grace Moretz at it:

Image result for chloe grace moretz gif

Considering a headline about have ‘sex in between ‘innings,’ baseball jargon like “dugout” and Ice Cube’s “nappy dugout” [all] swimming around in my head; this is just wayyyyy too much for me to handle right now. It really is. *pushes glasses up on my nose. Needless to say, I’ve never been to a live baseball game but now I’m really curious to do so, now–and clock the time “in between innings.” I really am curious now ?

?Opinion: iPhone slowdown isn’t a conspiracy    About 5 thread-heads down I touched on this issue about iPhone’s intentional slow-down and as I stated, it’s not that it was a ‘conspiracy’ (or even that it was “wrong.” It was more unethical (but quite expected) considering its cult following. And when you either run a monopoly OR monopolize a business, service, or product; that owner or its company’s integrity and business and just/unfair/unethical practices can indeed be called to the carpet when you already have so many customer’s at your mercy and and you force those customers to to be strung along with your product upkeep WITHOUT disclosing to them at the moment they jump on board with you: “Please note that at any moment in time we upgrade our products. It is suggested that you too, keep up with these upgrades–by purchasing these upgrades products upgrades. If you do not, then there is no guaranteed you will receive the same speed or quality in the outdated product.” If that was NOT explained in the iPhone/ATT contract’s red tape/fine print or at point of purchase, then NO…it’s NOT that the iPhone slowdown was a “conspiracy,” it’s just that it was conspiracy-ish in that (if the customers weren’t made aware there would be a product slowdown) it was simply unethical. Again here, it’s all about options. Because if a customer is forewarned at point of purchase that the quality of service would be compromised if they don’t or can’t afford to keep up with the product upgrades, that would have given them OPTION to say, “No…I’ll pass on the iPhone at this time.”

I think Apple and iPhone, in all its technological glory, is genius at what it offers; but listen: I was a little kid nestled next to my mom remembering watching movies like “Jim Jones The Guyana Tragedy” and into my teens, sh|t like that “Hale Bop Comet” dude, and later on Waco/David Koresh and other cult tragedies.? Early in life, I learned lessons about being a follower and the consequences of not owning your own mind and soul not stepping back a second and letting other people who jump on board without examination be the crash test dummies, first. So when it comes to being a follower, it’s not easy to: Cult me or impress me. I-‘y’aint-COMIN’ with the first or second or third batch of flock. I need to see how that all works out for you, first. Do you. As for me, I’m NOT coming with along for the ride off rip. It’s just my thing. At most things (that majorities flock to without examination) I elect to quietly step aside and the the heard on by and not afraid of ‘roads less traveled.’ I do not, never have and never will follow “majority” without investigating why I should and more importantly: What my options are: Personal, interpersonal, business or otherwise. What’s the mental, emotional, or financial tax? I just need to know.

But too, for me, I’ve never been willing to pay over $200-300 for a cell phone that doesn’t cook for me, or take the place of 5200bps of a vibrator yet, gangs up with Google and tells on me but won’t snitch to the police by allowing ’em to crack the code to give clues as to by whom the missing or gone came up missing by. ?(And No! NOTTTTTTTTTTT that I would use the vibrating function), but for the price and hype, having that “option” would be more impressive than FaceTime because, options. That’s just me, though. That much money for a phone (or camping out for one) that doesn’t levitate or read minds, is ridiculous to me. But then again since my youth, I’ve always been the one rolling my eyes in my head at the lambs being lead to slaughter camping out for Jordan’s, too though, so. shrugs

Again…scroll about 5 thread-heads down for a more elaborate explanation (as this pertains to how Apple got down with having been found out they purposely slowed down older model iPhones at each upgrade).

?Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions with these classes, products, and helpful ideas   Here are some things to consider regarding New Year’s resolutions (tap here)

?Amazon just acquired smart home startup Blink  NBC Today Show’s Jeff Rossen got it crackin’ when he put Amazon’s idealistic, new Amazon Key product to combat porch pirating. The obvious concern would be privacy, and pondering just how private and professional the single-person transaction would be (considering the fact a complete stranger would be entering your humble abode hopefully: humbly).

As you may well know, I’m an innovation, design and technology “aficionado” who likes to work things out/spot loopholes (for improvement)/has good eye for what works, what doesn’t, and why so, a Rossen report like such-uncovering a major security flaw in an Amazon product is both a humbling reminder to the little folks (who design and innovate) like me, that it’s okay to not have all the answers and that even with the greatest idea; that idea could be made better. As well, that very same thing can be applied to things in life as well. We don’t always have the answers, even with the best intentions. And when we can apply that lesson by way of entities much richer and greater than little ole us, that’s just reassurance that it’s okay to have to go back to the drawing board. Some people never even step to it, so half your battle is won. Needless to say, Rossen’s report (with Rhino Security Lab uncovering Amazon’s security flaw) was earlier this December month, and Amazon got if crackin’ and dealt with. They acquired security camera company (Blink) and by Christmas, Amazon Key is back on and poppin’ with iron-clad security that its customer’s can appreciate! Hacking geeks and freaks out there, here’s another FYI: Did you know that companies like Google and Microsoft/Windows pay thousands upon millions for security flaws found in their products and technologies? Well for us normal folks, like the ‘biggers,’ we too have ‘flaws’ (like Amazon). And just like Blink is to Amazon, we all could use a little go-behind (from people that truly have our best interests at heart). They are invaluable. And don’t blink or flinch about keeping them near or around :-)~

?The Miss America Emails: How The Pageant’s CEO Really Talks About The Winners For feminist-type of reasons vs. catty reasons, although I don’t fancy myself a “feminist” (per se’), if you know me, then you know I am anti-3 things (for women): PAGEANTRY, STRIPPING, and CHEERLEADING. And if anything solidified and justified my reasons why, this story personified exactly why I am anti those things-considering the plight and pigotry of men vs. the pleasure, pursuit or purpose for which women cheerlead, participate in pageantry or strip. I will indeed elaborate. But first, check this out: In the blogging game, it’s crucial to have an eye for lifestyle and popular culture to the extent that no matter what your niche is; determining its noteworthiness is essential for frame of reference. And well…check out that same CEO apologizing to (‘disgraced,’ former) Miss America Vanessa Williamsin that whack ass eye-roll-worthy of an apology that even SHE twisted her lips at!?


As well, check out my other story about how her predecessor (former Miss America Suzette Charles) doubted his fake ass apology to Vanessa Williams too! LoL?
I’m glad that this came up and I selected it for discussion atop the piece beneath it (about what I have to say about this Apple situation). Because what I have to say about this Miss America/William Haskell situation and this Apple situation regarding my disdain disliking for pageantry, stripping and cheerleading is this very thing, here-when it comes to men and how they receive things versus what it may mean to the woman doing it (stripping, cheerleading or pageantry):

When it comes to PU$$Y: Women can’t bring, lay and parlay certain types of experiences to, and in front men who are incapable of respecting it for the purposes that she pursued it for any more than people cannot give POWER to people (or companies) that eventually grow to not respect their dollars for-any more than the world was ready for lawfully and casually being able to walk around with guns an more than the world was ready to be exposed to real-time life of the world around them on a global scale. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should, could, or can.

The buffer between the business (of stripping, pageantry, and cheerleading) is such that we are not able to get into the hearts, and heads of men (and companies), until the damage (or disrespect) is done.

Furthermore, if you’re paying attention + understood everything that I just said, things like this new Haskell/Miss America scandal, and the #MeToo movement (with pigotry popping up like popcorn from Tinseltown and sea to shining sea); to think that we actually entertained the thought that a woman could be president in a world of this male power and pussy disrespect seems nearly preposterous-an innocent display of naivete. Because (as it turns out) men have a LOT of catching up (on understanding) to do. Given the unfolding over the past few weeks, even I, in all my glory and “knowledge” about misogyny feel like such an idiot to think that a male-dominated country with (“miss”-understandings as such) would be ready for a woman president. Bless Hillary’s heart for trying, yo.

You see:

If a man can’t so much as control the inappropriateness of physical contact or practice self-control [while in] a power position, how in the hell can’t he respect the [female dominated “sport” of cheerleading-dressed in mini skirts] as being a “sport” versus mere ‘female entertainment in the meantime and in between time?

The value of a $1 bill aint shit. And I don’t care how ‘it adds up” (or more of a nuisance it is to counterfeit)-but, either way, a man can’t respect peeling off $1 bills but the motherfcker will think twice about it, the woman with her legs cocked open and climbing poles, and the experience he is getting if he had to peel off $10s and $20s.  He’ll handle the business of stripping with a little more respect and as well, that would eliminate the (disrespectful) bottom feeders who can’t respect it for the business that it is as, they wouldn’t be able to that kind of experience any more than the experience of strolling into a Country Club and swinging a golf club.

Likewise, a company that creates a cult following, that secures the bag of: locking down [the] one (and only) customer service its billions of customers have to deal with, puts power in that customer service’s hands in that they (too) monopolized an experience-therefore, do not have to care how they handle you—-or how long it takes to get to you. A company that creates such a cult following that it can dumb you down and dangle and reduce you to chasing branded, exclusive dongles doesn’t have to care after its powered up so strong. A company that creates such a cult following that it can market upgrades (while slowing down devices for the many that won’t or can’t afford the cult following and keeping up) doesn’t have to care how they handle you. You’re now caught up along with the masses and waving a device around branded as a status symbol of sorts. And now you (find) you’ve been had, and you’re mad? That’s your fault. When it comes down to monopolies, men, mindsets and the way, how, for what reason and with whom you do and give the business to, you got to be more aware and self-aware. And (as best you can), avoid situations in which there are no options. I don’t care if that is with regard to relationships, or business. It’s all ‘business’ just the same.

Are technologies wrong? No. They’ve got a job to do. Technology innovation is highly expensive and its upkeep has to force YOU to be stuck and keep up just as sure as (the un-“woke”‘s) ego and self-esteem is dependent on a like, a follow a share and retweet in order to function and feel good.

Monopoly (of your mind, time and/or money) is the name of the game.

When Bill Gates/Microsoft was found to have a monopoly on even powering up a computer system, (just like Net Neutrality is stepping in to control these ‘Internets’ now), the government stepped in as said “No, fck you Bill Gates.” His punishment was [and still ongoing, is] to sell his products to all U.S colleges for like $5 to $20 pop. Guess who has tons: Me. And got more when I went back to college in 2012.

Apple vs.  Microsoft’s “I’m better than you” competition and war is settled in that Bill Gates won (then lost) his monopoly. Apple studied that and monopolized the game in a different way that the government can’t step in on and do (like they did Bill Gates). It’s business. Noooooooo different than, as writer having started a blog late in the game (2014), I studied the habits, practices, losses of top blogs and bloggers and the moves they made (and make). I read and watched them “win” through social and lose their blogs in the process, still (and anyway). The payoff didn’t pan out. Some sold, several (especially “Urban”) packed up and left blogging AND social altogether never to be seen or heard from again. The remaining “rebranded” and still out here trying to win again through supposed special kinds of spirituality and claims to be delivered from it all (but not). The WORK’s gotta maintain and be bigger than the love for the (social media hype) and fame.

Likes, retweets, shares, syndicated television and celebrity mentions and photo-ops x name-drops only got’em so far. The WORK (to those same people hyping you) has to sustain in order to maintain. They won’t tell you but underneath it all, it’ll reveal itself to you.

All that explained, when it comes to this technology-social game, you can’t be mad if you are a (literal) follower/bandwagoner who’s not careful about understanding and maximizing (or especially: minimizing) your options. You can’t be mad about getting yourSELF into situations that commandeer your mind, your body, your soul or your duckets and it got the best of you and you didn’t get the best of it. Apple, and technology have businesses to run. You are your own businesses business and too, your own person’s business.

I use technology to let you know that I am here. I am up in this biatch….

I’m also acutely aware that a like, mention, retweet, share, and even a syndicated television mention is only as good as your product, service, business can maintain and hold the attention-many cannot. So they rely on social and spend uber-amounts of time chasing doses of dopamine while Pavlov dog/classical-conditioning their way through it because they can’t they won’t do what it takes to hold an audience aside from it. No, that’s not a diss, but technologies (like social media) know that too. So they offer (for free) a place for you. They are basically providing platforms in order to occupy minds and times that need that dopamine to chase and maintain–on the platform with social sects to join you. It makes and keeps you busy. That validation and hype makes you feel productive and accomplished. Yes, it’s psychologically unhealthy, but it’s business. It’s YOU that’s got to control your own mind with the knowledge.

I understand how these things go. Sweets, I come from the same creative and performing art background, training, school halls and stomping ground as Sarah Jessica Parker, Rocky Carroll, “Greenlee” (Rebecca Budig) of “All My Children,” Tara/Carmen Elecktra, Nick Lachey, and more. I was born and raised in the hood and am just as street smart as I have acumen as I am book smart and can handle my functions fearlessly. Not to mention, you’re a fan of my #1 fan, quite frankly, I learned from the best and I study technology and know that the ways we use it is more about psychology and sociology than technology. So as for me, my understanding of fame and technology is at a different level.

I don’t use technology validate my self esteem and pad my damaged ego to make up for the “Nobody” that I was in high school by being mean, mobb-ish and social-sect cliquey; safeguarding the success gates on social media.

I AM and’ve been a “bad bitch” on countless levels in life, love and beyond. I’ve always been “pretty” and “popular” -never a follower and have always been the friend of friends and the one most likely to succeed and supersede. Popularity and pretty aint never been my struggle. I’ve ALWAYS been a ‘stand out.’ Whether business or interpersonal, I know the game of game (and the business of ‘game’). And with regard to technology, when you know that; you know how to use technology to bring people TO YOUR EXPERIENCE rather than your soul being owned by IT.

I’m a rip-roaring technology x sociology/social politics geek who knows what’s up and the use of all three (and how all three are being used). I’m what you call ‘woke’ -woker than a motherfucker. Because I’m also aware that even with all its advancement and digital glory, word of mouse does not travel fast, wider, longer and farther than good old fashioned word of MOUTH.

No different than (the saying that goes) “people will whisper your success,” the need to be “low” (covert) is why porn is a billion dollar business with NO advertising. You see, porn is a billion dollar industry because we are not held accountable to be front and center for what we love on the low. And typically, that’s what has the power. That’s an analogy for how the social politics of the technology of social media is run.

If they question, wonder or aren’t sure if they have something to gain from, or alongside you; (no matter HOW much they stalk you 24/7/365) they’ll sit on that thumb and that double-tap in hopes that not circulating you will suffocate you. But when your work speaks for itself (like word of mouth does) just like porn-you’re getting all the d|ck anyway. They know it-so they stay mad (and stalking). Because they know your work is screaming louder than the descending walls and timelines of hype.

The big dogs don’t know HOW to fck with you because they forgot how to sell your other than: “he/she has 6 billion followers, 13 million views and streams and yadadada.”

Social media and this technology has even forced companies to be caught up in the madness by judging you on (your) social yet, confused, or mad frustrated judging you negatively based on your not playing a socially sick game and expressing truths inconvenient to a process and disrupting status quos. They want you and just don’t know what to do with you. Why? Because they’re unsure of how or if you will coon hard enough for them to rile up the have-nots, will-nots-and can-nots to live vicariously through you for it on social media (or television) in order to cut their marketing and advertising budgets. They need to get their answers through your social media antics first. There’s a larger ‘fan base’ and crowd out their dreaming through and living vicariously through than having to deal with the time and pressure of trying to measure up to your talent.

So with that said (and hopefully understood), you know that is the reason you are either chasing dopamine …or busy being dope-and then going out there, gathering and bring ’em back to your experience, by your design, under your time and engage receptively, accordingly.

‘Zat simple.

Apple and technology isn’t necessarily wrong, you just have to know how to use it better than the way it uses you–in order to maintain the most important thing of all: your sense of self and sanity.

And to all that, in my Wendy voice, I say: “how Uuuuuuuuuu doin?”

P.S. I meant for my threads to be snippets. What’s not snippets or shorter, needs to, and will  go to podcast. I prooooooooooomise. Understand that I talk my talk and love to, but the keyboard be like–right here, yo. I beg your pardon :)~

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