HBO’s “GIRLS” Had To Walk That Walk After RIHANNA Rejects Use of Her Song: “Talk That Talk”

“Babe if I don’t feel it I aint fakin’ no-no” *wink*Rihanna 

…sang (and wank) bad gyal Rihanna-who recently sent the same sentiments to music supervisor: Manish Raval-with regard to use of her music for Season 2 of the popular HBO series: “Girls.”

slide_330534_3257466_freeIn addition to its plot’s racy storylines and popularity, it is also known for the music being used in certain scenes’ episodes.

Raval expressed in a recent interview that the infamous cocaine-fueled scene with Hannah and her roommate in which the song that played (Icona Pop’s “I Love It”) was originally supposed to be acted out to Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” playing to the television viewing audience-but BadGyalRiRi rejected the idea [of use of her song for the scene].

Well, the music supervisor found love in a hopeless place and there’s no love lost for Rihanna-he stated: “We love Rihanna and all, but it’s now hard to imagine that scene with any other song, but we think it all worked out for the best.”

For season 3 of “Girls,” original music from Beck, Lily Allen and a few other artists is tentatively scheduled to be included in the soundtrack [for episodes of season 3].


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