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Symbol: The goat. The sure-footed, agile animal with the skid-proof padded feet that are planted firmly on the ground with its heels digging deep into the earths surface, fighting to make its way to the top.

House & Motto: “I use” therefore I am: your reputation, your career, your social standing and responsibilities. I am money, status & reputation.

I am the TENTH house. I use-and I mean I utilize everything available to me in order to make my way to the top no matter the cost, which is how I react to my environment.

Element: Earth (a solid) is relatively firm, compact, hard, rigid, and substantial.

Alone, it is serious, not superficial or trivial. It is emotionally restrained and deliberate, secretive, strategic, reflective, and cautious so that it may make sound judgment, observation and evaluation. Earth is steady, fixed, stable, and does not tremble or totter. It is constant, unwavering, unfaltering, solid, resistant to pressure, and does not easily change its shape. Its responses are restrained-for fear of insecurity. It seeks perfection through deliberation and discrimination; untrusting of that which they cannot see, smell, touch, taste or hear.

Earth is practical and responsive by examining worthiness via tangibility.

Planet: SaturnLIMITATION, PERSEVERANCE, FORM, SHAPE, STRUCTURE, PRUDENCE, ORGANIZATION, RESTRAINT, OBSTACLES, CONCENTRATION, CONSOLIDATION, WISDOM and DISCIPLINE-rules careers, personal growth, seeker of public recognition, reveals sense of responsibility, loyalties, commitment to family and stability. Self-disciplined, responsible, practical, persevering, cautious, constructive, patient, ambitious,

thrifty, solid, reliable, trustworthy, has good endurance and self-discipline, orderly, concentrated, extremely determined, is tenacious, wise, willful, perfectionist, finely discriminating, sober, pensive, reflective, introspective, retiring, reserved, no stranger to hard work, limiting, has structure and narrow outlook, systematic, passive, cold and distant, mean, selfish, despondent, narrow-minded, lack of imagination, severe, acquisitive, dogmatic, apathetic, heartless, cruel, rigid, manipulative, pessimistic, suffers depression, repressed, apathetic, fearful, inhibiting, fatalistic, liable to panic, hardship and a life of sorrow or ill health.

Plight: “Feminine”: reactive upon being provoked, non-aggressive, magnetic, withdrawn and passive.

Energy: Strategic energy is indirect and understands what is needed to attract it. It faces the world timidly and yieldingly. It is introverted, reflective, reserved, nurturing, clinging, cringing, overemotional, mean-spirited, vindictive, fussy, intuitive, and non confrontational.

Quality: Pessimistic, realistic, negative and melancholic in nature, less-confident,

depressed, opposed, contrary, inimical, at odds, dissident, doubtful, dubious, unwilling, unenthusiastic, bleak, dark, fatalistic, jaundiced, gloomy, sober, mushy, contemplative, pensive, meditative, solemn, heavy-hearted.

Disposition: Typically, even numbered signs are introverts. Introverts tend to focus their energies on things in and of the world for themselves, and do not thrive on or require energy from it (in order to contribute to it). They do not like a lot of action and are usually non-verbally expressive and not a very sociable people. Introverts are most often quiet, retiring and introspective. They dislike parties and (by their selection and choice) have few friends and are reserved and distant except when in the company of those intimate friends. They prefer to be less “active” – less active in that they like to “study” the world and all that is in and of it without having to be active in it (because they tend to dislike excitement and hustle and bustle). Introverts are typically not risk takers and instead, are very calculating rather than impulsive.

They are slow to answer, and prefer to do any kind of concentrated efforts alone.

They are not very easy-going and carefree with everyday matters in life because they tend to take life matters very seriously. They prefer working alone rather than in groups and prefer an organized and systematic way of life.

Instinct: Objective (thinkers) are receptive to the object rather than the subject. They are not influenced by personal feelings and instead; think of the object while forming an opinion, as “thinking” is priority over feeling-to them.

They do not process subjective feeling with ease, therefore it is easy for them to think and deliberate rather than cope with emotion and feeling.

Capricorn thinks practically.

Dark Side: afflicted with depression, unsympathetic, obstinate, overachiever

who worries and has a rigid outlook, opportunistic, pessimistic, conventional, a miserly

and mean “wet blanket,” overly conservative, dictatorial, insatiably ambitious, too

materialistic and pragmatic, selfish, narrow, snobbish, lonely, social climber,

conventional, security-seeking, overly serious, insensitive, lacks idealism, unromantic,


Light Side: diplomatic, persevering, enduring, contributing, reserved,

ambitious, organizational, reliable, determined, careful, prudent, very strong sense of

discipline, patient, practical and organized, structured, industrious, productive,

persistent, hardworking, stable, sagacious, sure, tranquil and serene, conventional,

responsible, sensible, security-conscious.

Virtue: Responsible

Vice: Opportunism and Lack of empathy

Nature: Structured


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