HB 1523: Mississippi Now Lawfully Allowed To Deny Any Service To The ‘Adulterers’ ‘Fornicators’ LGBT etc. – Why The Government Should Allocate Funds To Migrate Americans In Support of This In Or Out Of The State

sell you a lollipop and getting away with it (legally) and before too long, people on the receiving end of such things won’t even be able to live. That’s insane.

I don’t deal in sensationalism and fanatic-fare type of bullcrap and am results orientated, so let’s talk about a solution (rather than just blogging and circulating the same story about what now, is: The Religious Liberty Bill passed in the state of Mississippi).

This is how this thing should be remedied, and I invite other influential people (like Ellen Degeneres)

…who (like me, find this law appalling) let’s do this:

HB 1523 MississippiSince it is painfully obvious that Mississippi insists on running a state governed by the same ideal, ideologies (and idiot-ologies) of old, let’s handle this thing like the “go back to Africa” screams and suggestion.

Given that government monies are allocated in “frivolous” ways many American people complain about, let’s do this thing like Alaska (monies and stipends paid to people who move to/reside in Alaska).

How about government monies be allocated to pay for Mississippi residents [who don’t live by these old fashioned, religi-convenient ideologies]—how about they be paid to move from out of that oppressive, bored state and into any other U.S and more importantly persons living in these 49 other U.S states where (for now) this “Religious Freedom” Act is now law…how about the government pay to ship them all to Mississippi to make livings there.

Eventually, everybody gets their one-way ticket out of one place and into the other and the state of Mississippi and the people of it can be left to live among each other and their old fashioned and oppressive ideals-left to watch the rest of us live and be what, and whomever we wish to be and let the lord deal with us as he sees fit-by his own rules, terms, commandment and laws-not man’s.

How ‘bout that?

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