HB 1523: Mississippi Now Lawfully Allowed To Deny Any Service To The ‘Adulterers’ ‘Fornicators’ LGBT etc. – Why The Government Should Allocate Funds To Migrate Americans In Support of This In Or Out Of The State

With bigger fish to fry-given its state (reportedly) among the highest obesity and unemployment rate, the old “crooked letter, crooked letter” state of Mississippi insists (wherever they can) on enforcing laws conducive to its ignorantly oppressive and reputation and way of life since days of old-even through to 2016.

House Bill 1523 (a.k.a Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act)

Individuals, religious organizations and certain businesses who have “the sincerely held religious belief or moral convictions” that marriage “should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman.” Sexual relations are reserved for that type of marriage. A man and a woman are defined in the law as “an individual’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at the time of birth.”

Set to take effect on July 1 (HB 1523 signed on Tuesday by Gov. Phil Bryant), reportedly, the crooked letter, crooked letter (crooked) state just passed a law to hump back, hump ride on the backs of the LGBT community: A law (ironically called “The Religious Liberty Bill”/ Mississippi Liberty Bill”) which (by law) makes it lawful and okay for businesses in the state of Mississippi to deny services/serving persons of the LGBT community.

Without belaboring the obvious-how awful it is to (upon glance), make a relative decision to deny services to a people based upon your own personal feelings about how they look (LGBT) or live (adulterers, fornicators etc); the other awful part about that very thing is that this is pretty much a subjective (slash) relative decision that is literally up to the eyes and heart of the beholder.



Given all people’s uncanny ability to twist religion to suit their own personal situations at any given moment in time while convenient using it as a weapon towards and against others e.g. (as a result of their own personal feelings about unmarried or LGBT couples), this is pretty dangerous and something to be said about because whether it be discriminating against people of a preferred sexual orientation, or their color, race or creed; when you start off getting laws passed on services being denied upon a subjective/relative decisioning process by other human inhuman beings, that’s just the very beginning of the ways a state can discriminate and oppress any group of people by reason of their own insanity and personal hang-ups (made lawful).


If laws are passed giving businesses the legal right to decline services to groups of people they look at and decide they have issues with, that’s just the beginning of how other services necessary for life, limb and property can be denied to a people–and then what? They are forced to live like the animal minded, animal hearted people who choose to enforce these kinds of laws.

Well it’s sad that this kind of action can be taken against any group of people and I know all too well how things like this start off small: Legally able to decline to sell you a lollipop to larger: Legally being able to decline to sell you food, a home, a car or to service you for healthcare too. This can  (and is certain) to be messy and will to cause all kinds of confusion on so many levels.

It all starts off as small and sour as a business owner declining to

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