Packing Hacks For Easier Travel

Let’s face it. The least liked thing we love about traveling is packing, TSA and our tension-filled high hopes of making it back in one piece (with all our belongings-safe from having gone missing).

Often times, the task of packing takes more skill and thought. Considering the fact that some of the normal, everyday things we use can’t come along for the flight makes packing a strategy slouches aren’t built for.  Although it’s not always possible to pack all that we want to come with us, packing light makes for a better an easier flight-we can’t ague that.

One of the best feelings about traveling is when we can somehow manage to fit all our belongings into that one carry-on. It (like our purses, phones and keys) begin snug as a bug in a rug right along with us as we take off against gravity makes us feel great.


This Memorial Day (or any traveling day), while off to your destination, here are some packing hacks you may want to consider that, as well, may just be the ticket to ride you off into getting having it all—in the carry on.

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