Happy: PHARRELL Sits Down With OPRAH Sunday Night on OWN #OprahPrime

You say: “hospitality.”

I say: “hatspitality.”

Let’s call the whole thing on.

If you’re feeling anything like a “room without a roof,” hey, hey—then from the looks of things, you’re going to have to be in the audience of the room without one, in which music phenom: Pharrell Williams and television talk show mogul: Oprah Winfrey, will have their first-ever sit-down this coming Sunday night on OWN at 9…and at 8 Central Standard Time.

The two powerhouses in their own right-begin their sit down making their way to one another while Pharrell’s infectious Grammy-nominated song: “Happy” plays overhead.

They dance towards one another, hug, hold hands and begin to dance.

Oprah: “When I see you, I just wanna dance.”

They say great minds think alike.

As the two make their way to their [respective] seats to begin the interview, each take a moment out to bestow respect due by simultaneously giving one hailing:

Pharrell hails the [talk show] Queen.

The talk show Queen hails the boy who would be [music’s King]: Pharrell Williams.



It’s obvious that at some time within the interview, the talk show queen extended her hospitality by letting the music phenom take the floor. He flipped through his electronic device and proceeded to play a little music trivia [we’re guessing] to test the talk show queen’s music savvy.

Results: She passed.

It began with Pharrell playing Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do.”

Oprah knew the song so well that she even knew of the two different versions—she knew that the song had a “10 minute version” [where late into the song, Wonder adlibs back and forth with various musically inclined ways of saying and singing the words: “Do I Do.”]

“Okay. I have to go here” says Pharrell.

The Gap Band’s “Early in the Morning,” was next on the play list and Oprah sings right on cue.

It takes two to make a thing go right and she’s right on it.

Next in line was the catchy rap classic “It Takes Two [To Make a Thing Go Right]” by rapper Rob Base featuring DJ EZ Rock. It was obvious that Oprah couldn’t recall the name of the song or who the song was by but she did know one truth about the song as she yelled: “Oh my God. Every picnic Memorial Day that song will be played.”

Pharrell goes on to press ‘play’ onto his playlist and “The Scenario” by rap group “Tribe Called Quest” plays. Pharrell explains that song is the reason why he makes music to this day…

Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” begins to play next and immediately sparked up nostalgia for Oprah: “Oh my God!” she yelled excitedly

…Oprah knew the song from the first note in.

You’ll have to tune in on Sunday, April 12 find out the rest.

We do know however, that Pharrell wore the hat…not “The Hat”..as, we all know it was auctioned off for charity and bought by the Arby’s fast food chain.

But he still owns a sleuth of the Vivienne Westwood fedoras and even extends his hatspatality to the talk show queen who extended her hospitality to the music phenom.

Tune in to OWN Television April 12 at 9/8 central and tweet #OprahPrime to join the conversation:




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