“Happy New Year” Pressure? This Is Why You Should Just ‘Keep Going’


The new calendar year (from December 31st to January 1 of every year) is my excuse, my reason to act like I’m a drinker-get drunk (to make up for the other 364 of the year that I don’t).


In my 17 year-old effort to try and develop a cigarette habit, it’s like that desired habit I bought packs of cigarettes to smoke [for]—because I thought smoking looked “cool.”



Although I never was one of the ‘fortunate’ ones develop a cigarette habit, it somehow turned into this weird obsession with watching other people look cool smoking.

The new (calendar) year kind of reminds me of that-kazoos going off in my head.

Where my “cool” is voyeuring the noise, the tv noise, the ball dropping and viola!


…Another year is here—a chance for me to expound on the resolve to continue to be resilient and resounding…JUST they way I’ve continued to be every “New Year.”

Why Your New Year Changes Are Best Served Starting Today Or Beginning March 2017 Rather Than January One

I don’t know about you, but to ask me what my “resolution” is, is like asking me the most annoying (viral) question I’ve ever seen. Because (to me) it’s not that deep if you’ve evolved and grown every single day [since] and are happy with the results and resolution of the person you currently are and bringing into view. Regardless, without it, you wouldn’t be who you are anyways.

That (annoying) question is:

“What would you tell your [such and such] year-old self?”

Because my ONLY answer to that is “keep going.”

To “ask” a person like me to change, or ‘what would I change’ about something that was, or ‘as-is’ would be like ‘asking’ that the sun not shine tomorrow.

While it may not shine for everybody fortunate and blessed enough to wake up TO it (tomorrow), the fact of the matter is: The sun’s still going shine-with or without you or me waking up to it. The sun’s function is to shine 24/7/365 and hide behind the moon at night so that the moon can do its thing until the sun rises does her thing in the morning. THAT is a function that is going to happen regardless who’s under it and in attendance (or not).

WE just have to get in, live and wake up the next day. i.e: KEEP GOING. I’m pretty much, consistently like that about everything. It’s like…against the laws of nature and a waste of life and mind’s time entertaining the thought (or action) of trying undo or re-do what was at the root or came/happened ‘first.’ (Hell, I even wrote a book about “First Things First” with blueprints, dedications and prefaces and allexplaining why it’s essential “firsts” cannot be ignored). Roots and succession have meaning. To KEEP GOING is to have grown and keeping [up] the growth process going forward.

Every tragedy and triumph is my mountain’s mile marker.

Because as I look back on all my [such and such] years past, that was the process and work in progress that was instrumental in (being the human being, being) and who I am today: What I’ve done. What I am doing. What I’ve lost, let go of, accomplished and look forward to accomplishing.

That said, that’s kind of how I look at the “New (calendar) Year:” The reason to simply “keep going.”


For many people (today) the pressure is ON when really, it should be no pressure if you just: keep going.

I’m just as “cool” January one 2017 and I was December 31st, 2016.

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