Employee Appreciation Day: Handsome LINKEDIN CEO JEFF WEINER Handed Over Handsome Package Of Stock To Execs At Top

Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner_ Photo Credit Chip Somodevilla _ Getty ImagesSo on Wednesday of week, CEO (Jeff Weiner) of the professional networking site LinkedIn CEO filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding quite a bit of change in exchange for the loyalty and security of his employees—in the amount of a whopping $14 million dollars.

LinkedIn’s stock price secured the CEO the considerable amount of change and he, in turn, turned around and paid it forward by doing something considerate just the same: Handing it all over to his employees.

That’s right.

Sorta like this guy we told you about some time ago.
Loyalty pays when you work with/alongside or for righteous and right people!

The handsome CEO filed the documents this past Wednesday-outlining a handsome 2016 compensation package for the top execs-omitting one person: himself.

What’d he do that for?

Well according to LinkedIn spokesperson Jani Durzy, Weiner elected to forego his annual stock package to instead,


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