HALLE w/ Nahla (and GABRIELLE AUBREY) + JLO Takes Her “Coconuts” To The Pumpkin Patch Along w/JESSICA ALBA, FERGIE & JOSH DUMEL’s Kids



Jlo nad babiesIf you’re a mommy then you know that October is Pumpkin Patch month pretty much all over the world and some of the mommy’s of Tinseltown like JLo, Jessica Alba and Fergie (this weekend), and Halle Berry (along with Nahla and her dad)  were definitely out this month in full swing for the festivities.

This weekend’s outing turned out to be better for Jennifer Lopez who (along with Jessica Alba and Fergie) took her “Coconuts” out to a Mr. Bones’ Halloween Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, where she was looking everything but scary.

driverDressed in a blue, waist-cropped plaid shirt, a white raked-ripped jean, and wedge-heeled designer short sneaker boots-after getting dropped in the white Bentley (by the most enthusiastic driver ever):



…(relax-that’s Uncle Bennie Medina he’s kissing) adorable little Max and Emme got their faces painted, rode ponies, and slid down slides while JLo looked on through a pair of white Ray Ban-styled stunner shades, clutching her fringed Chanel bag and striking a pose with her—“Booty” plopped down on a bale of hay.

JLo at pumpkin patch

Josh Dumel, Fergie, and their boy enjoyed themselves:

Jessica Alba and her family enjoyed themselves as well:


…And despite their public wrangles, earlier this month, in most pictures while with Nahla (Gabriel lurking alone and in the distance)…














…actress Halle Berry (acting)…appeared to adjust well to her baby-daddy Gabriel Aubrey accompanying she and their child Nahla to the fun.

Considering the fact that had Halle gotten her way, she, Nahla and hubby Olivier Martinez probably would have been out of the country visiting some pumpkin patch across the water.

So of the words “trick” or “treat,” and “Boo!”, there’s no need in belaboring the obvious what this [court-approved] outing probably felt like for Halle who, as well, was court-ordered to pay child support to Aubrey …standing there looking annoying and “because I can/she’s my daughter too“-ish as ever):


Having said that, although probably quite the treat for Nahla… halle_berry600secondpic_-_1


This outing probably felt like the worse trick being played-ever (for Halle).


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