HALLE BERRY Launches New Lingerie Line Amid the Throes of Lingering Baby-Daddy Woes

halle-berry Scandale

Despite her lingering baby-daddy woes, consistently beautiful actress Halle Berry  just launched her line of 10 bras and panties lingerie line called ‘Scandale.’

Scandale (1932) was originally a French lingerie label by which Berry now, is part-owner and will play a key role in the design [of the line] which will still have its classic Parisian style but at an affordable price-to be sold at Targe’ [Target].

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halles new lingerie line“We’ve taken this brand and revamped it. We’ve kept all the qualities of the Parisian style intact.”

She continued:


halle swordfish

I think I have a pulse on what American women want,” said the sexy Swordfish vixen.

Most women know that what you put under your clothes is the first step in making yourself feel good about yourself. When women find something they feel good in, and that makes them feel sexy, and feminine and empowered, their partners also reap the benefits,” she said.





Halle and nahlaWell right about now, as well, Berry knows all too well about what “reaping benefits” is like and the itching for a finger on a pulse right now feels like, because she just took her baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry back to court to have her monthly child-support payments reduced from $16,000 per month to $3,000.00 per month-which Aubrey receives on behalf for the care and support of their daughter Nahla, whom they both have joint custody of.


On May 30, once the settlement was finalized, Berry was required to pay an additional $415,000 which included $115,000 retroactive back child support + $300,000 to cover Gabriel’s legal fees.

We called it didn’t we? That pumpkin patch scene was oozing just what I said it did, right? I tell ya. Well, because no later than about two days after I posted and said that, it was in the news that Halle had filed a motion requesting to reduce the payments-stating she believes Aubry is abusing the system and simply living off the money and not actively seeking employment and modeling jobs [due to having that cool 16k strike poses of the catwalk of his bank account].



Oh, I can see me now: “Uhhh.. Baby…Nahla.. Your dad just had a lil’ accident over

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