“Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People” — (Yawn). Why I Find Stuff Like This Not Really Inspiring or Particularly Useful To The Average Person

(with 80% of sharing from a playbook coming from that of stories of humble beginnings of that which they can relate).

They already know where you are now.1389897325-habits-worlds-wealthiest-people-infographic

Like…we already know where Bill, Oprah and Warren are now, but once (like I peeped into the life of this ranter online) …once we get an 80% peek into their lives as-was, we then can then feel connected to their “right now” and feel that we too, can be where they are NOW.

You see what I mean?

The fact of the matter is this: Only about 20% of your ritual/habit/routine is needed to know-just for frame of reference….not necessarily to try and emulate or use as a thing to inspire to adopt.

Because everybody’s routine/habits/rituals are exclusive to their very own person and lifestyle (no matter if they are working towards success or having already reached it).

In closing, the point is.

I am aware [of what Malcolm Gladwell would refer to as] the “Blink” effect.

I call it the “glitter effect.” Where (as inspired or hopeful people) when we sit in the company of “successful” people in all their successful looking things in our faces, we perk up like puppies as if some kind of glitter dust from their playbook, lifestyle, or speech is going to be snorted through our noses and by end book or speech, we’re on our way.

That is where people’s high comes down. And they crash when THEIR reality and right now sets in—because you didn’t give them that 80%  Taco Bell stories and 20% of your right now advice. You did it the other way around: Gave them 80% of your “right” now or (maybe-if that): 20% of your Taco Bell stories.

Already knowing your “nowness” (without your playbook or speech), they need to be high on your “thenness” (in order to stay high, encouraged, or inspired).

Trust me. I am aware of how euphoric the feeling is of being stuffed in a room sitting with a pen and pad out to take notes from a panel of “successful” people (financial or otherwise), or how merely opening pages of their “playbook” feels.

I don’t necessarily find sitting in the audience of that or opening the playbook beneficial or encouraging to me UNLESS 80% is spent telling me the Taco Bell kinds of the things you did-first and all the Taco Bell kinds of things the lead you to where you are. I find that more useful and encouraging.

I want to know 80% of your playbook’s ghory and 20% of your story.

Because the fact of the matter is: We write our own stories. So just give me your ghory so I can be encouraged to continue to write my own story. And leave me the option of taking along with me-the 20% that gave (your routines, habits, rituals etc).

That being said.

Unfortunately, when your name, face and work is out there, (like mine was for years), you document your Taco Bell stories in your mind like the rant girl did online…but she was anonymous.

With your name and face and work out there, we tend to withhold telling our Taco Bell stories and all the ghory until we’ve won the glory.

I don’t hold out hope that there will ever be a time when people are lined up to buy a “playbook” or sit through a seminar of someone who is mid-grind and have lots of Taco Bell stories to tell (followed by no glory as yet). But upon success (or like the girl writing about the success of others) since that will probably never happen, always keep on hand to lecture, write in a playbook (or infographic): 80% of the Taco Bell ghory and 20% of the glory’s “right now” success routines, habits, and rituals—because no matter what you lecture or somebody, they STILL have you to write their own story.

glitter-gold-starTrust me when I say this: Listen to people’s ‘story’ with an OPEN heart-not full heart. Because unless they know you personally, most often times, you will NEVER get the whole, true, real. People NEVER tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so help YOU God) about their whole story + what’s REALLY going on while they grind. That’s why people (who truly need the truth while living what you don’t see but are trying) need to see that side so they can feel inspired from where they’re AT versus aspiring to BE where someone else IS–thus, further creating frustration and angst.

Tell the story mid-storm rather than the glory after the story.

Inspire when you feel least inspired.

Motivate when you don’t feel so motivated.

Meet them where they are AT (with where you WERE), first. Then from there: proceed. It’s more encouraging and inspiring for the long-run, than the short run of blink and glitter dust.


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