“Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People” — (Yawn). Why I Find Stuff Like This Not Really Inspiring or Particularly Useful To The Average Person


So I came across this infographic and article about habits of the world’s most wealthiest people.

Instantly it sent me back to around 2001/2002 when I was completely enthralled in this anonymous online dairy of a person who (of course back then didn’t show her face or you knew nothing about her physical person or what, if anything, she wanted out of life). She just posted stories about how broke she was and would sort of rant about it day to day. Iwanted to know just why she was broke–and writing about it on the world wide web.


As the days passed I wanted to reach out to her and ask if she had an end-game of any kind to this thing (and no-not because I was following it for about a year-trust me)-but I was curious as to what kind of person she was:

Was she crafty or creative?

Was she technical?

What are her talents and skills?

Did she just like the hustle and bustle of the gift of waking up and opportunity to sleep into the night–wake up and repeat?

I wanted to know. I just wanted to know, badly.

The reason why I wanted to know (so badly) is because I wanted the end to her means placed right in front of my face. I wanted to know what she was leading up to with this or was this just some pessimistic effort that allowed people like me to voyeur into the sullen parts of this person’s life.

As a struggling writer (and any creative with humble beginnings and a literal dollar and dream), over the span of your hustle you’ll be evicted, homeless, put-out, on borrowed timed, counting pennies to buy a meal, talked about by family and friends-all that. The only people who will understand what you are doing is people who are doing what you’re doing-the same, or different way to obtain a particular goal (or dream).

Like me at one time in life (before I got serious about my grind and my craft), things like a hot car, a hot label or title at a happening job etc. meant the world. That’s a different life than that of a creative or entrepreneur. When you’re in that life-you get content with waking up five days a week in an 8-5 routine and collecting a check rationed out to you weekly, or bi weekly and enjoying all of the “perks” paid for of the straight-lined life afforded within that.

But once you get to a point where you are serious about your dream, what you do, and you truly believe in yourself; you take the focus off of that hot car you are paying on monthly, and that happening job (that’s a killer to a creative’s spirit-rationing you out the monies TO pay for it). You know you don’t want to  be that person saying, “I want to write a book someday,” instead: You make a way “to write a book someday”—and you make changes…you downgrade.

Sometimes, downgrading your life may come in the form of you letting go of certain “kinds” of friends, leaving that hot job for a crappy one where you have no “important” title-and you just blend in and appreciate the hours given that afford you the time and even with the little pay-you’re able to invest more time for yourself. And too, especially- downgrading to a less expensive or nice car—so that you may invest in yourself financially.

Although decisions like this aren’t such that you wake up the next day and change your life and surroundings like such in an instant, but as you get more

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