“Going Clear” Scientology Aired Out on HBO Documentary – Celebs “Mean Tweet”



While the video giving a slideshow example of what Scientology is plays a harmless, tranquil tune as the diverse group of great looking people are sliding across the visual-all things considered-one would hardly think there was more to it rumbling beneath the surface (and pixels).



Who’da thunk that during my early college years, the organization behind those street benches and those countless flyers posted everywhere reading [something to the effect of]: “When Life is a Battlefield, Your Greatest Power is Your Mind,” would later be the subject of a controversy similar to that of the cult followings of American History like that of the Jim Jones/Guyana tragedy, that “Hale Bop Comet” / Phenobarbitol dude (I forget his name), and the Waco Texas standoff and tragedy. (Sorry, I will be more specific when I stop and look up cult owner’s names/year of occurrence).

At any rate.

Over the years, The Church of Scientology-with its system of belief being that the ultimate goal is man tapping into true spiritual enlightenment via understanding of self and mankind (versus the traditional religious dogma) who’da thunk that too, tapping into the phones and lives of its members + the negative treatment [of what they refer to as SP’s “Suppressive Persons”] would be the “other side” of the religion–now brought to the forefront (and screen).CRUISE-001

In an HBO documentary aired Sunday Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, not even the decorated the celebrity roster could stop people from talking and dropping quips expressing joy about such an effort being brought to the forefront to speak for those members (past and current) who cannot (or will not) speak about the side of Scientology unadvertised.


Check some of them out:


Celeb Scientology Mean Tweet Edition


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