GOFUNDME, Go Fall Back: Why Cinnamon Nicole’s Lottery Recoupment Campaign Should In DEED Be Funded

Just a few things off rip I will forever cram to understand are:

  • people who can barely feed themselves or living in unfavorable, gloomy, living conditions owning dogs
  • people who win the lottery and risk telling the world (when there’s Instagram willing and waiting to tell their full, unfiltered true story going forward)
  • people who spend over what they can afford to play the lottery

Cinnamon NicoleWhile in the day to day hustle and bustle of life, we have to act as our own financial advisors and planners and decide what, if anything we can afford to invest on small or big ticket items—or tickets themselves.

Just ask Cinnamon Nicole who, like many, were in for a rude awakening when this week when the big to-do was ta-done and that 1.5 billion went kaboom and bust among 3 big American winners from sea to shiny sea.

Like Cinnamon Nicole, even if we couldn’t afford it, many of us bit off more than what we could chew-thinking the odds of our not winning some piece of that money would favor us should we spent stacks of a stack.

Many looked at spending such a large sum of money [on the 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning] as an investment of sorts-obviously thinking at least they’d get some kind of return on their “investment” gamble.

download (3)Unfortunately, the play was just what it was: A gamble…not an investment.

Ask money coach Suze Orman who’s come up came from receiving a small sum of money in which she turned over to an investor (to invest in some shares/stocks/bonds etc.). Well, the problem (and protection) in that is that an investor can be sued if he takes from you-more than what you can afford to invest. Suze sued and the rest in history. Going forward, she definitely had enough to invest. And so her life began.

Cinnamon Nicole however, is in a different predicament as, she lost her money playing the Powerball in hopes of winning that 1.5 billion.

Understanding how close to home it was (considering she, herself is from Tennessee and 1 of the 3 winners who made off with $528 million dollars as well-live in Tennessee), I can only imagine how too close for comfort that must have been.


Although it’s not reported exactly how much she invested gambled, the sore losing girl made a bold move: started an

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