GLORY JOHNSON Gives Birth 15 Weeks Early

brittneyWhile Brittney Griner is across the water practicing, gripping the ball and grinding, news has come that she’s probably gonna be gripping her pocket a lil sooner—than expected as, (proud or not) she’s officially the co-parent of bouncing baby girls.

Those twins (that would have been apart of she and Glory Johnson’s annulled union) couldn’t hold water any no longer and decided to come up for air 15 weeks before end-gestation.

Originally due in February 2016, Johnson gave birth this past Monday as announced on social media-stating the twin girls weighed in at a whopping 1lb 7oz:

“Babies Ava Simone & Solei Diem arrived on Monday! Born a little earlier than expected, I have no worries because these babies are fighters just like I am. We all know God makes NO mistakes and by his grace, everything will work out for the greater good. We will continue to trust God as they are in his hands. Continue to keep us lifted because there is sooo much power in PRAYER!!!”


images (2)Shortly after their May wedding, Johnson became impregnated via vitro fertilization with her own egg and a sperm donor-by which Griner later questioned following a physical altercation that lead to the arrest of both women which, as well-lead to the demise of their short lived union.

Although Johnson vehemently denies it, Griner’s gone on record claiming having found texts and reasons to believe Johnson was sleeping with an unidentified man during their relationship.

o-BRITTNEY-GRINER-facebook_1_-618x300Fast forward.

Johnson was denied alimony and court ordered to make [an officer chaperoned] appointment with Griner to remove her things from the home the two once shared together.

Considering she will be granted only 20 minutes to remove her belongings, it’s no wonder she’s eager to get in tip top shape for the task ahead:

6 Days After the C-Section . . . Lets see if I can Bounce Back #CantLiftForSixWeeks  #FingersCrossed#CravingAGoodWorkout #TwoWeekUpdate #GLOJOsWorkoutPlan Who’s with me?


Griner, on the other hand, is court ordered to co-parent to two bundles of joy, and as per the courts (after birth of the twins)…Johnson can then file for child support–which means…………now.

All this is months sooner than the (expected) later, and is probably quite the surprise for Brittney Griner who just had a birthday October 18.

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