Girl Puts Up GOFUNDME Campaign To Remove Forehead Tattoo – Like CINNAMON NICOLE, Will The Site Remove Her Campaign Resulting From Her Bad Decision, Too?

12565461_570333343121904_4414140995616201120_nIf the bravery of asking you to help fund monies lost in the lottery wasn’t enough to solicit your sympathy (+ feel was worthy of remaining on their site to collect funds on), would asking for funds to help get a forehead tattoo removed move you to liras?

It was just six days ago we blogged about a story making its way ‘round the media circuit where Tennessee native Cinnamon Nicole took the bold step to put up a Go Fund Me account in hopes of recouping her funds lost in playing one of the world’s biggest, most publicized lottery’s-leaving hopefuls dreaming about all they could do with the 1.5 billion dollars up for grabs.screen-shot-2016-01-15-at-1-31-07-pm

While Cinnamon was salty that she wasn’t one of the 3 winners of the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball (or neither of the smaller hundred and thousand dollarnaires), that didn’t stop her from being to proud to beg.

Well Cinnamon’s beg was pardoned ‘part-end’ by and although her request was funded, but campaign taken down; meet Tabitha Renea West who has a different yet, same request to undo a bad choice she made (too): Of getting such an obvious tattoo removed so that she could “could a better start out in life.”

(For the record, anybody whose got a problem with her campaign, back that thang up. Tabitha’s has this to say to yous):


[quote and verbatim]

I said to my self for years I wouldn’t but I did so people that disliked my fund raiser you can kiss my ass sorry. .you just hating because there are people whom care about people like step back please. ..

[end quote]


Someone claiming to be Tabitha’s brother had this to say:

Erica Avery


23 hours ago

Tabitha it’s ur brother David that’s not what this sight is for it’s for people in need I know u have a mental disability but your really making yourself look ignorant just use cover up and take this down Jesus this site is for people who have house fires or need life saving operations tabitha . Everybody who’s reading this my sister is mentally handicapped she don’t know any better
a few others had this to say:

Dezere Kieran Stone

20 hours ago
This site was made for people with life threatening illnesses, disabilities, and families going through hard times. You decided to get a tattoo on your head, why should other people use their hard earned working money for you to get it removed? Yes this may have been a mistake you regret, but how are you suppose to learn when people just hand you money? This is completely selfish of you to ask when people could be donating their money to actual people in need, like sick and dying children. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself and take this down. This is your mistake to fix, want a job? Buy some cover up and grow some bangs, make your own money and than pay for your removel. Don’t abuse sites, and people who are donating how do you honestly know she’s even gonna use the money to remove it?

Kristy Buskey

22 hours ago
Grow some bangs and get a job. Problem solved. People like you abusing thos site ruin it for others who actually need help raising money for medical and other emergecies. If you worked at all in the last year income tax season is coming up there should be no excuse.

Cassandra Hancock

21 hours ago
Y’all wanna talk shit about people being on welfare and getting government assiatance. But this is a prime example of a woman who made a fucking mistake and is now trying to fix her life. You’re getting mad because she’s “abusing the website”? WHERE? If you want to be a cheap fuck and not donate, then don’t. But don’t be a fucking asshat to this poor soul who made and mistake and is trying to fix her wrong doing. What? You’ve never made a mistake in your life?

Paul Kriner

21 hours ago
there are places that will remove tattoo of former gang members.. you could always go from that angle… I’m sorry you made this mistake but it is seriously one you should pay for on your own.. it’ll maybe be a few hundred bucks when said and done. maybe next time you will think a lil more before making such a silly mistake (coming from a very heavily tattooed individual with facial tattooing as well). this is for people in need of real help.
While I don’t agree with censoring  ‘cent’soring/removing any person that puts up a campaign-especially since they have no rules requesting viable proof be sent in-all is fair. With that being so, GoFundMe’s threshold is what?  Both Cinnamon AND this Tabitha girl made bad decisions. Why is Tabitha’s still up however? Cinnamon said she lost money gambling, she didn’t come on gambling. She came on GoFundMe begging-like everybody else. Let’em both be great.

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