Genius? Golden Child? KIM KARDASHIAN Claims NORTH WEST Published Throwback Bikini Pic While On Her Phone

kim and baby north

ApPARENTly is an understatement as, (apparently)…baby North West can work social media, too.

You see this time around, her mommy (Kim Kardashian) pressed paused on her social media shenanigans and vanity under the guise of a “whoops now” kind of vanity by putting it off her poor lil’ baby North.

Granted, (last week) we all got our first glimpse of baby North’s precociousness:

Baby North

…and too (just a few weeks ago-via Kanye’s rant about adult sale ads popping up during his child’s game playing experience)


…we learned that the two year-old does indeed own her own iPad and it’s probably her closest companion until her little brother arrives.Kim Kanye Kris Jenners party November 2015

However, we’re gonna press pause on believing that the child worked her tiny little hands such that she had the savvy to upload and post an old (bikini) photo of her mommy Kim that Kim wanted out and circulating so bad but was too embarrassed to just come on out with it considering she has been laying low and tucked away in gestational ballooning and bliss, so what better way than to get it out there?

images (1)With reports buzzing that baby Blue Ivy is being evaluated as a possible child prodigy, perhaps Kim might be on to something-and these star children are rare breeds, ya think?

I mean, even I took notice that Blue Ivy was extraordinarily poised among loud screams and hoopla of fans she’s too young to even understand she has so, it’s feasible.

On November 3, with OK Magazine having published a story about Blue Ivy being tested at her elite school program for possibly on her way to becoming a mathematical genius-might it be a coincidence that perhaps baby North West (being a child of a family social mediaites) knows who to work a social media page too? Kim might be on to something yall.

(Let’s all clutch our chests, throw our necks back and sound out and gasp with surprise in unison).


Kim K throwback courtesy of baby NorthEither way, the pic got circulating but not with it being noted–Kim’s “whoops now” excuse about how it got out there originally (all genius due to baby North):

“North posted this while playing games on my phone. Not sure why or how she chose it but I’m not complaining! LOL I deleted it so now reposting it myself! #FBF from 10 years ago.”

Be that as it may (or may not), at least the skin pic with little to no fabric was hot and worth the fabrication (or not).

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